Interior Design Career Options for Those Without a Degree in Interior Design

Interior design is a much more inclusive career path than many people might think. You do not necessarily have to have a degree in interior design to find very good paying jobs within this relatively stable industry.

In fact, you may just possess some talents and abilities that could have you working in interior design much sooner that you ever dreamed.


Crack open any book or magazine on interior design or surf over to any web site displaying the works of interior design companies and the first thing you are likely to see are high quality photographs of all that décor inside homes and businesses that lends the field its name. Handy with a camera? Got a bunch of images posted on Flickr or Facebook that people have told you look as good as anything in a professional interior design magazine? Then it’s time to start referring to those images as a portfolio that you begin submitting to those always on the lookout for a creative eye. Let’s face it, everyone with a camera phone thinks they are a photographer these days, but the truth is that it still takes a special talent to use a camera for works, that can wind up being displayed within the pages of Better Homes and Gardens.

Multimedia Design Specialist

As it is with just about every other industry, interior design is increasingly about computer skills. Still loafing around the campus with a Liberal Arts major on the horizon? Start signing up for classes that teach everything there is to learn about 3-D interior designing. Many interior designers use their website to display their abilities and nothing entices in the world of interior design quite like a multimedia presentation that exhibits all those skills from every conceivable possibility.

Professional Renderer

Perspective is the name of the game when it comes to rendering interior design concepts. You may be able to maintain the freedom of working as an independent contractor, or be snapped up by a big architectural company. Either way, if you can display a creative grasp of rendering images across the spectrum of all media, you should have little trouble carving out a long-term career in interior design.

Museum Design

Be honest: how often do you walk into a museum and think to yourself that every single item on display is the work of an interior designer? A museum that doesn’t bring its collection to life is just a tomb. If you have discovered that you have a natural gift for arranging any type of décor within any type of room, you probably have what it takes to do the job of designing museum interiors. Some museums stick with the same look for years while others do a significant overhaul every time a new traveling exhibit comes to town. Sitting around wondering what on earth ever possessed you to get that degree in ancient history or anthropology or marine science? The kinds of degree that would be of benefit to a museum may be enough to answer your question and set you off on a much more exciting career for putting that knowledge to work.

Product Designer

As it is with museums, so is it with furniture stores. If you have a particular and specific talent for designing a certain item like a sofa or window treatments, consider specializing in the field of interior design by becoming a product designer. You create the sofa and sell it to a manufacturer.

Model Builders

Model builders may work in tandem with professional renderers and computer specialists. Your talent at creating a 3-D reality via modeling can help with large-scale industrial and commercial design jobs. You must have a strong sense of scale, perspective and material to produce a viable scale model. Some architectural education or experience will be of help in landing a job in this interior design career option.


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