Introducing: The New Smart-House for Single Professionals

The life of a professional is tough. Working long shifts in a high stress environment. Every day you're weighed down by stacks of paperwork, pointless boardroom meetings, and strained water-cooler talks with that guy from that department.

Just smile and nod, man. It'll all be over soon.

And after a long day, you take the train back home. Head swimming from the daze of information overload...And guess what? There's still a big pitch you need to start working on the minute you get back to your place.

Arms slumped to your sides as you walk up the steps. Shoulders feeling like they've endured more shrugs than Atlas himself.

Finally... home. You open the front door and sluggishly step into the living room.

"Hey, babe!" you shout.

Your voice echoes into the darkness of the hallway. No one home.

Of course, you don't really expect anyone to reply. Because you're a bachelor.

Sometimes you love the uncommitted recklessness of that reality. But other times--like today--you yearn to just have someone there.

Just a pleasant someone or... something to welcome you in.

Well, you might just get that... 

...And you only need a smartphone.


SmartThings, a technological innovator, ushers in a new way to make your home...make you feel at home.

What's Cool About It?

Well, for starters... What if when you said "Hello, babe" you'd actually hear something back? Not only does your home welcome you--albeit in a monotone, robotic timbre--but it also turns on the lights along with your favorite song of choice.

20 percent discount
20 percent discount

You can also program the house--or specifically its devices--to deliver important information to you either through visual cues or... well, it flat out tells you. Getting ready to head out for work? Through your smartphone you can insert your commuting patterns. The lamp then flashes green if there is no traffic.

Need to know the forecast? Just open the front door and a device immediately informs you.


What about coffee? That's not a problem either. Program your coffee preferences and the automated coffee maker will take care of the rest--whenever you want it.

Maybe you have kids at your place one weekend and you're worried about safety. Program your home to tell you whenever a door or a cabinet is opened.

The list of techno-tricks goes on...

How Does It Work?

Device connectivity is not a possibility without the SmartThings central-hub--essentially a router. It establishes a smooth connection among sensors and other smart devices.

Once you've downloaded the accompanying app, you can access and program these sensors and devices to do your bidding. The SmartThings website also features a shop with a broad range of devices for sale.

Is It Really Necessary?

Who knows? That's for you to decide. It's not something that'll drain your wallet too badly. Sure, it can also be argued that it's a valuable time saver. But how much time is it really saving you? A few minutes a day?

Then again in today's lightning-fast professional world, maybe those few minutes can really make the different.

And if it provides that little extra shot of comfort and a great talking point at your next house party... then by all means.

What do you think? Is it worth it?