How to Invite a Candidate to an Interview

Job interviews are like first dates- an awkward cocktail of uncertain feelings and probing investigation into the least flattering aspects of one’s personality, while at least one of the two parties involved tries to present their best self. So, you met someone (well, someone’s resume) you like…no, actually their credentials made you feel as giddy as an intern on their first day on the job…but how do you approach them? Do you send them a handwritten  piece of paper that reads like a teenage girl’s love note:

Would you like the job?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Maybe

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Probably not, because that would freak the hell out of most people. Maybe this is a better way to invite a candidate to an interview:

1. Email

I know…it’s dry, impersonal and unromantic compared to a singing telegram, but trust me on this; a nice concise email is much more effective than a Donna Summer’s impersonator singing  a modified version “She Works Hard For The Money” which ends she works hard for the money if she wants/she better call Bob in HR for an interview. First off, that doesn’t even rhyme and secondly it can easilybe  misunderstood as a sexual advance.

2. What Should It Say?


Definitely not something similar to your previous idea: roses are red, violets are blue, we want you. Again it’s got that whole sexual undertones thing going on. Instead, develop an email template that you will be able to send to the most perspective employees, with the positions being offered as the subject of the email, a short greeting and potential times/dates for the interview and a professional closing. I’m going to have to walk you through this, aren’t I? Okay so here’s a sample you can use:


Interview with (your company’s name) for (position offered)


Hello (candidate’s name),

Thank you for applying with (your company’s name) for the position of (the job being offered). After reviewing your resume and professional credentials we would like to schedule an interview with you. We were very impressed by your experience and background (in the field that’s appropriate) and look forward to hearing from you.

These are some times and dates that we could schedule the interview, based on your availability. If one of these times are convenient for you or if you would like to set up the interview at a different time and date, please contact us at your earliest convenience to set up an appointment.

Time/Date 1

Time/Date 2

Time/Date 3  

job search
job search


We are looking forward to hearing from you,

(interviewer’s name)

See it wasn’t that hard was it? I know, you are giddy, so there are a few more things you can do.

3. Follow-up Call

woman on the phone

Although the heart grows fonder with distance, if you haven’t heard back from the candidate in a reasonable amount of time (the three day rule doesn’t apply here, that’s only for dating) usually a week or two is a more appropriate amount of time, because something might have happened to the candidate or they have been bogged down with work unable to respond. I know uncertainty is a horrible emotion, but you could’ve been friend-zoned which is even much worse.

Do you have any other recommendations for people that are in love with a candidate (purely for the job position)? Let us know in the comment section below.