iPhone 6 Needs 100,000 More Staff

Speculation regarding the iPhone 6 has been rampant for months and doesn’t look likely to end until the phone is released. Perhaps some of the most concrete information to be released has been a recent hiring spree that occurred in China. Apple’s manufacturing partner Foxconn is rumored to be hiring an additional 100,000 new workers in anticipation of the expected release of the iPhone 6. Such a move would add nearly 10% to their already extensive workforce. But, how much value do these jobs actually bring to the economy. Are they careers or just glorified summer jobs?

According to appleinsider,“The manufacturing of Apple’s iPhone 6 is set to drive the largest job creation boom mainland China has seen in recent memory”

The reason for the Chinese manufacturer needing to hire such a large number of staff is sure to increase Apple fans interests and fuel even more rumours. Essentially more intricate designs such as an “indestructible sapphire glass” which simply cannot be cracked will require more staff if they are to be produced on a large scale.

As well as the new screen design there are also whispers of an increased product range with an iPhone Air set to be released shortly after the main model. As the iPhone Air is rumoured to have a 5.5 inch screen compared to the 4.7 inch screen of the main model, it will be a so called “phablet”. With all models reportedly boasting a mighty 1704 x 960 resolution display coupled with an “A8” chip, it will bridge the gap between phone and tablet, while still providing lighting fast processing with low power consumption. Such additions to the iPhone brand will naturally require a significant increase in manufacturing staff.

As can be seen the reason behind the recruitment drive is quite obvious. Apple need a larger number of more advanced phones which requires a larger work force. However, the question remains what will happen to these new employees following launch day? What will remain of the high volume of supporting staff and their careers once the initial quota has been filled?

You need only look to the past to see that companies usually discard this kind of employee as soon as possible. The companies are trying to make money not create jobs for people and wages cost money, especially for 100,000 people. Similar actions by other global brands such as Nike are a perfect example, an exclusive by CNET revealed “Nike fires majority of FuelBand team” which proves that, sometimes, when quotas are delivered; staff are shown the door.

As usual Apple looks set to release new innovative products with some really interesting features. With its most recent release the iPhone family is going to be expanded and made more intricate which will require even more staff than usual. However, how valuable these jobs actually are and whether they are providing meaningful long term employment remains to be seen.





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