Is a Smart Watch a Smart Buy

If you’re like me, you have probably spent many hours speaking into your toy watch pretending to talk to your spy master or calling your self-driving car. Unlike me, you probably did it during childhood and not the other day. The advent of the smart watch had me really excited hoping that these “childhood” dreams would become a reality, but have these devices shown us the future or are just another gadget gimmick?

The smart watches are the latest in what is called wearable tech. They connect to the user’s smartphone and display messages, emails, incoming calls and some even allow you to answer those calls. The watches that have an activity tracking function see what you’ve done throughout the day and how well you sleep at night setting fitness goals for you to reach in coming days. Most major tech companies have already created their own iteration of the smart watch but are the functions enough to justify the price tag?

Price Tag

The price tag is a pretty good reason not to buy into the smart watch hype. With a price between $99 to $200 on average, it’s a pretty expensive excuse to keep your phone in your pocket. Because at the moment that’s all it is a very expensive secondary display, which might be worth it, depending on how tight you like your jeans to fit.

Early adopters are also testers

As with any newly launched technology early adopters usually have to work through the kinks. The technology isn’t tested enough to smooth out all potential problems and guess who finds them? That’s right! It’s you! New gadgets are awesome no doubt about that within techy circles, but we have been proven time and time again that new devices or hardware can be buggy, inconsistent and sometimes even just plain broken.

They look b*tt ugly

Yes, I said it, smart watches are honking pieces of plastic and metal and just don’t look right on the wrist quite yet. Maybe that’s a personal bias I mean we have seen phones shrink to miniscule proportions only to be blown up once again to assist in viewing online content. Maybe smart watches just skipped this process from the very beginning, go big or go home right? Well, at this early age they just went too big too soon. Although we have seen screen dimensions balloon in recent years, devices have been getting thinner and thinner, and it’s inevitable to happen to smart watches too. At the moment, they kind of feel like you’ve strapped a hockey puck to your wrist with a colorful plastic strap.

Big enough to look stupid, not big enough to show you information “intelligently”     

Smart watches connect to smartphones (sometimes, but I’ll get to that later) but at the same time the watch only shows you part of the notification at a time due to a small screen. Furthermore, it has the limitation that it can only use your phone’s connection instead of its own which further restricts its capabilities.

Very very very limited Support

Again because smart watches are of such a recent advent, the list of smartphones that they actually connect with is smaller than the hamburger section in the menu of a vegan restaurant. It’s almost non-existent and definitely made of tofu. That’s not even the tip of the ice-burger, app support is as non-existent as a triple patty, cheese, beef and bacon heart-attack-erator at said vegan restaurant (I’m sorry for all the food metaphors I haven’t had lunch yet). And until Google and Apple start developing apps for smart watches you shouldn’t expect to see any either.

Do you have a smart-watch? What was your experience with this tech? Do think it’s worth it? Let us know in the comment section below.