Is Being a Celebrity a 24hr Job?

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In a world where we have more insight into celebrity’s lives than ever before, becoming a celebrity is many people’s dream. They think about fame, fortune and famous friends. Picturing themselves sitting on yachts sipping champagne, attending movie premieres, and seeing themselves in Hello magazine mingling with the stars. If you’re one of those people, maybe you should take a look at this guide.

However, being and staying a celebrity isn’t as easy as you may think. And what about the downsides to this celebrity status once you’ve achieved it? Of course, there are many different classes of celebrity and depending on what type you are, relates to how much work needs to be put into your continued fame. Let’s take a look at the different kinds of celebrity:

The Super Celebrity

There are those who people will follow and take an interest in without any effort on the part of the celebrity. Hollywood movie stars, popular musicians, supermodels and successful sportspeople usually fall into this category. If you’re a huge star, you won’t need to make much effort to boost your celebrity appeal.

You have a large fan base and as long as you push out a new movie once in a while, have the odd marriage crisis, or adopt a new child, you can guarantee ongoing fame and media coverage. The super celebrity doesn’t need to put much work into staying in the media.

The Semi-Famous B-Lister

Next there are the semi-famous celebrities, those who maybe star in a sit-com or soap opera, or some kind of TV host or presenter. They haven’t quite reached the A-lister status yet, and their celebrity standing may need a bit of work to keep themselves appearing in the glossy magazines and to keep those exclusive event invitations coming in. They’ll need a publicist, and they’ll be keen to be at the right events, choose the right partner, and wear the right clothes in order to stay interesting to the public eye.

The Born-Famous Celebrity

Then there are the celebrities that just became celebrities by circumstance. They were born into a famous or rich family, and their name and their public antics rather than any talent or individual success get them in the newspapers and gossip columns. They don’t need to spend too much time trying to get in the papers as their outlandish spending habits, drunken partying and lavish lifestyle will get them the column inches they crave.

The Desperate- To-Be A Celebrity Z-Lister

Finally, there are those who will do anything to be famous. The reality TV stars turned TV presenters, actors, or just socialites. They rely on a tumultuous love life, bad plastic surgery, drug addictions and then rehab sessions, and the odd fashion faux pas to ensure they stay in the limelight. They have no shame and will seek fame whatever the cost or damage to their reputation.

So is fame a full-time job? The answer depends on what kind of celebrity you are and how much you care to be a celebrity. It can definitely be hard to stay in the limelight, and you might have to resort to some sneaky tactics to get that premiere invite or that designer dress to wear. However, there’s another side to the celebrity world, and that’s where the super celebrity comes in. They’re forever in the public eye and find it difficult to get a moment’s peace with the family, without being spotted and harassed by the paparazzi. They always have to be looking slim and beautiful and if they dare to have an off day they will be ridiculed for days afterwards. It can be a 24-hour job for these celebrities to try not to be celebrities. In fact, here are 25 celebrities who decided that fame simply wasn’t worth it for them.

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