Is Coconut Oil Really Good for Everything?

People have lost their minds over coconut oil; they put it all over their body, eat it, cook with it and even use it for other weird stuff that I really can’t mention here. Research shows that its not especially better for you than olive oil and actually makes the body assimilate saturated fat differently (even though it doesn’t contain saturated fat). How good is coconut oil really? Watch this video to find out!

Since we’re on the subject of over-hyped celebrity like super foods, here’s something to consider: the almighty Kale, which has been the number one go-to hippie food for the past few years, isn’t the best leafy green for you, per calorie. Granted, it’s still good for you, but having said that, anything green is ‘good’ for you. Kale, however, seems to have been hyped up by celebs to an extent that has made the rest of us believe it is a real power food, when in reality watercress beats it on the nutrient density list by the CDC.

Watch the video to find out just how good Kale is for you.

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