Is Denver Airport the New Illuminati Headquarters?

Blucifer imgur

Do you enjoy using cookware such as aluminum foil as headgear? Do you believe that subterranean lizard people control all of the world’s governments and are trying to convert you to biofuel? Well then, this article is for you!

Denver International Airport has been raising (paranoid) eyebrows since its opening on May 15th 1994. Why? Well, let’s peel back the layers of the alleged Illuminati headquarters and just to get us started, these are the top three Google reviews of DIA (Denver International Airport):

"Three words that best describe this weird airport – New World Order."

"The artwork is done by the Illuminati New World Order."

"The wait for the buses to get to the car rentals was not too bad."

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Well, there are numerous reasons why DIA is considered the Illuminati/NWO Headquarters. One of the theories points out the fact that Denver already had a fine airport, and negates the fact that people with money want to make more money. Allow me to elaborate: say we have a developer/construction company owner and he has the opportunity to get paid to do unnecessary work for his client – let’s say, replace a perfectly fine front door. Sure, we’d like to believe that said developer/ construction company owner is ethical and that he would talk the customer out of the completely unnecessary cost of a new door and installation, but outside a Disney movie and in real life, the aforementioned developer/construction company owner would be much more likely to say: “OK, would you like to replace anything else super costly in your house?”

Stapleton Airport, Denver’s other airport which has now been decommissioned, was built in 1929 and closed its doors in the late eighties, making it almost 60 years old. Plagued with lawsuits from neighboring communities due to airplane noise, it was unable to expand due to its location and threats from an adjacent county, which all lead to Stapleton’s closure. All the paranoiacs also ignore the fact that Denver’s mayor at the time, Federico Peña, was the first Hispanic Mayor of Denver and later went on to serve the Clinton administration as the U.S. Secretary of Transportation and then the U.S. Secretary of Energy. Because if there’s one thing W.A.S.P.-y elitist secret societies love, it’s a Hispanic democrat.

The Artwork/Architectural Features

OK, so this is one of the blue chip items that conspiracy theorists talk about when making the very shaky association with DIA and the Illuminati/NWO. Murals, Freemason capstones, sculptures, and a runway layout that looks a lot like a swastika are all used as arguments attempting to prove these kooky claims. Let’s take a look at each one of these individually.


Blucifer, as it has been affectionately called, is an “anatomically correct” 32-foot high fiberglass stallion (anatomically correct, as in it has a prominently displayed undercarriage appendage, i.e.: a horse wiener and balls) with red-glowing eyes, and created by American artist Luis Jiménez.

Popular opinion has been polarized regarding the sculpture with people calling it both atrocious and brilliant (not the same person obviously, that would be insane). Conspiracy theorists say that the Humongous Hung Horse is an allegory for one of the steeds of the Apocalypse. The thing is, though, they are actually called “the Horsemen of the Apocalypse” and not the “Horses of the Apocalypse”. Also, no matter how skeptical and cynical I am, I would also get a bit suspicious if a quaint Bob Ross-esque landscape artist suddenly created this demon ba-ding-donged steed but, honestly, Jiménez’s work is just as interesting and twisted as his high horse, get it? High because it’s 32 feet tall, and it’s based on another one of his sculptures: an 8-foot tall sculpture, Mesteño, on display on the University of Oklahoma’s campus.

Another thing that conspiracy theorists point out is that Jimenez was actually killed by this sculpture when a piece fell on him and severed an artery in his leg which, according to Hollywood logic, makes the sculpture a gateway to hell and possessed. Honestly, I take offense to this last part, because it’s a really ignorant, stupid way to present the tragic death of an accomplished artist that died while creating his work.

Freemason Capstone

In the main area of the DIA, there is a Freemason capstone which covers a time capsule that will be opened in the year 2094. On the plaque, it mentions a New World Airport Commission, which is seemingly non-existent, with a message and memorabilia for the people of Denver in 2094. OK, a bit suspicious, but it simply could have been a smart allec prankster who told the stonecutter: “Let’s f*ck with them a bit” and came up with New World Airport Commission. Of all the items that conspiracy theorists use as proof of DIA being the headquarters for a NWO, I would say this is the most…well, kind of compelling.

The Murals

These murals were created by Chicano (mixed ancestry Mexican-American) artist Leo Tanguma, who admittedly has leftist ideological leanings which don’t exactly fit in with the ideals of most capitalist elites that want to remodel the world. His murals depict the three phases of peace and include vivid images of death and destruction, amendment, and unification. The images created to depict war can be quite jarring, while the other images have an overwhelming optimism and hope for the future. Even so, people point out small things like a guy in a military costume (that looks reminiscent of Nazi uniforms) stabbing a white dove from behind with a curved sword, but the emotional contrast the artist creates with his image makes the other ones seem even brighter.

The Brass Floor Inlays

Dispersed through the entire airport, you can see bronze inlays in the floor with various symbols and writing related to the geographical location of the airport. One of these symbols which had the kooky conspiracy theorists poo their pants was a simple linear depiction of a mining cart with the letters ‘AuAg’. In chemistry, Au is the symbol of gold and Ag of silver, and guess what Colorado is famous for (except being the epicenter for the destruction and rebirth of a new society)? Yup, gold and silver mining since 1858.

Conspiracy theorists though claim that the ‘AuAg’ mining cart symbol, located in front of the Chemical Warfare section of the mural, is an allocation to AUAG, or the Australian Antigen Virus, which these people believe is something that can be used for chemical warfare. An antigen though is an abbreviation for “antibody generator,” as in it generates the stuff that the body uses to fend off infections, viral or otherwise. They also say that Nobel Prize-winning physician and geneticist Baruch Samuel Blumberg (who unsurprisingly is also Jewish. What is it with conspiracy theorists and Jewish people? If they did run the world and blah, blah, blah, would they allow their people to be constantly targeted and almost exterminated? Come on now, I know you have more sense than that under your foil fedora) was a one of the financial backers of DIA, but the evidence is less than conclusive, bordering on complete malarkey.

So it might not be an underground bunker for the world elite (sorry to disappoint), but if you have anything else to add, let me know in the comments section below.