Is Every Entrepreneurial Idea a Good One?

The global economic crisis has created an amazing entrepreneurial spirit in many people. There have probably never been as many budding entrepreneurs as now. This week is even called ‘Global Entrepreneurship Week’ which is designed to help start-ups who drive economic growth. Of course much of this is spearheaded by people who have been made redundant by down-sizing or bankrupt businesses, but it doesn’t mean it is not somewhat impressive to watch people using their own initiative.

People have come up with some wacky and obscure ways to make money and while some have made it, many have crashed and burned. From watching people pitch their ideas on ‘Dragons Den’ to seeing people make professional careers posting videos on YouTube, it is truly astounding at how the world of commerce has evolved in such a small amount of time.

While some of these attempts are brilliant and may well stand the test of time. Some of them are short sited and just plain strange. Whatever they are you can’t ignore they’re vision or entrepreneurial spirit. I am going to provide a few examples of some of the more strange entrepreneurial ventures. This will hopefully serve as guide for you if you try to embark on your own entrepreneurial venture!

Strange but true

Brazilian Physical Education Student Catarina Migliorini, 21, is selling her virginity, for the second time! Yes that’s right you did read correctly. After a previous attempt to auction off her virginity for £485,000 fell through; she hopes to auction it off for at least £935,000 this time. She claims that she is going to use the money to build much needed modern houses in her poor home state of Santa Catarina. While this is a noble cause, if that is indeed what she plans to use the money for, it is undeniably a novel entrepreneurial idea. Ok, in many ways it is essentially prostitution, but she has found a really modern and high paying way to do it, that makes it seem a bit less sleazy.

What You Don’t Know Doesn’t Hurt You!

This is another entrepreneurial idea which although strange, it is not actually that hard to imagine why it worked. Ashley is a dating site which encourages married men and women to have affairs. It has annual profits of roughly $20 million. While the amount of people cheating on their spouses has always been relatively high; it is indeed a true entrepreneur that can actually make a business out of it. The owner, Noel Biderman even managed to get his wife to feature in the adverts!  

Great Idea Or Bad Idea?

A really interesting idea which shows real entrepreneurial potential is that of Professor Nutt. He claims that he is on the verge of creating what he calls ‘safe alcohol’, which does not cause a hangover and you can switch off by just taking a pill. While this might seem like an amazing idea to many, is the idea necessarily a good one? If you drink for the pleasure and taste of a nice bottle of wine or Ale then you are not really going to substitute it for a chemical compound. It is more likely to appeal to students and teenagers, to just get as drunk as possible. No doubt if he manages to get it into production it will be a huge seller but it may have bad effects in the long run. But on the plus side he does have a quite humorous name.

The point that I am really trying to get across here is that although many of these entrepreneurial ideas are extremely novel they are not without their downsides. Whether you plan to revolutionize prostitution or create alcohol with little or no consequences, your idea should always be novel but perhaps less risky than some those mentioned above. It also goes to show that some of the most outrageous and wacky ideas can make you a millionaire; is a perfect example of that!




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