Is Job Insecurity in Some Professions Encouraging Creativity?

After reading Lyn Gardner’s article ‘Why job insecurity makes great theatre’ published by the Guardian this week, I couldn’t help but wonder if we need job insecurity in creative professions in order to encourage creativity, risk and productivity.

Professions in the fields of acting, singing, creative writing and painting are normally related to job insecurity. Short-term contracts that might cover only one show or one exhibition make force ‘artists’ to constantly stay alert and to always plan their next job opportunity.

European countries, particularly those of the eastern bloc, have tried to lessen job insecurity in this industry by providing what is called an ‘ensemble model’. This is where actors, singers and dancers group together as a small association or ‘company’ if they register as one, in order to secure more jobs and lessen financial insecurity.

According to Lyn Gardner, this is not entirely a good model for those in the art industry to follow. Working as a freelancer in any profession has a risk attached, however in some cases this risk enables creativity to perform in the highest possibility.

Professionals in the arts have also to bear in mind their audiences and their surroundings. Grouping together means you will need to partner with people who have the same audience, but on the other hand, if you are surrounded by people who have the exact same creative vision as you – where will you get your inspiration and creativity from? In professions such as acting, you need to change your circumstances and the group of people you work with quite frequently in order to develop your creativity skills.

In my opinion, being a freelancer in any profession involves risk, but it is this very ‘risk’ that helps us to keep motivated, strive for success, and harbor creativity.  

What do you think about the job insecurity in freelance jobs? Do you think it increments creativity and productivity?

Full article: Lyn Gardner, Why job insecurity makes great theatre. The Guardian 






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