Is Kindness a Power?

We all make choices each day in regard to the behaviors we exhibit. Those choices are powerful. They can either positively or negatively impact our life and the lives of those we are in contact with. In general, we have an innate need to protect ourselves and take steps necessary to manage our well-being. However, for those individuals who comprehend the power of kindness and positive behavior, they will make every effort to cultivate such actions in their daily lives. This article will discuss several reasons why kindness is a power.

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Positive Karma

The expression: what goes around comes around is one reason why kindness is power. When you sow seeds of kindness in your personal and professional life, you will reap the benefits. They may not come immediately, but you will be paving the path toward cultivating positive results in your life. For example, being nice to coworkers, family members and anyone else you meet during the day will result in boosting positive karma in your life.

Unknown Benefits

Individuals who trust in the power of kindness as a lifestyle, many times receive unknown benefits down the road to their own displays of positive behavior. When you are kind to someone, there is always a possibility that this person will be kind to you in the future. Additionally, your act of kindness may be returned to you in ways you never imagined. For example, you may be nice to someone (simply for the sake of being kind) that you met at a networking function. You assume that you will most likely never see this person again. However, it is possible that you’ll meet again and this person may offer you kindness such as a networking opportunity, a job or even treat you to lunch. Of course, these are simply examples of possibilities, but be prepared to receive kindness in return.

Kindness Saves You

The third reason kindness is a power is that it can save you from yourself and the negativity that we sometimes create in our lives. When you cultivate a mindset of being kind to yourself, you give yourself the opportunity to make better choices that will positively impact your daily life. Some of those choices of being kind to yourself include: forgiving yourself when you make mistakes, living your life with no regrets, growing and developing as a person, and treating your body in a healthy way. Making all these positive choices of kindness to yourself will impact your view of the world and how you see other people. Again, the kindness will be spreading and you will reap what you sow.

Kindness Energizes

A fourth reason kindness is a power is that the simple act becomes a bigger one as it energizes you and those around you. For example, when you are kind to someone and this person thanks you, their gratitude will most definitely brighten your day. Being kind in the workplace will generate more positive energy. When that occurs, you and your coworkers will be more energized and productive.

Kindness Develops

The final reason that kindness is a power is that it develops character and helps to control your emotions. When you have formulated a mindset that seeks to sow kindness through positive behavior, you are more prone to furthering character development by learning how to control your emotions. For example, instead of lashing out in anger during a tense situation, your mindset will be trained to help you to focus on exhibiting a kind response.

Kindness is a powerful tool in cultivating positivity in your personal space and in the world around you. How have you seen kindness used as a powerful tool in your own life?