Is Monday Really The Worst Day of The Week?

Poor Monday. It’s the most-hated day of the week. It’s usually proceeded by the Sunday night blues –you know, that feeling that you need a much longer weekend and can’t possibly go to work tomorrow. You probably remembered that sad feeling from school, and you were surprised to realize it still happens to grown-ups with full-time jobs. Everyone groans and moans when they wake up on Monday morning, absolutely dreading the work day and wishing it was Friday again. But what if we thought about this day in a totally different light? What if we saw it as an opportunity for career success? Here’s why Monday isn’t actually the worst day of the week.

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1. It’s Truly a New Beginning

We need to change our perspective. Instead of waiting for Friday to roll around so we can start the weekend already and have fun, we should be waiting for Monday. Why? Because this day represents a true new beginning in our work lives. It’s a brand new start which will enable us to make all our career hopes and dreams come true.

Think about it. Whatever happened last Friday is long gone after everyone has had an indulgent weekend full of booze and junk food and socializing. Did you embarrass yourself while giving a presentation to a new client on Friday morning? That’s okay, you can pitch a new idea to your boss on Monday and they’ll forget all about your minor screw-up. Did you get a not-so-awesome review from your manager Friday afternoon? Come Monday 9 a.m. you get the chance to prove them wrong and work harder than you ever have before.

You can also re-commit to your health and give yourself the energy you need in order to actually be productive at the office. You can get up an hour earlier and go for a run around the block, or walk to work, or make yourself a vegetable-filled breakfast smoothie. You know that on Friday you’ll want that blueberry muffin for your morning meal, so you might as well try to start the new week off in a healthy way.

2. You're Actually More Motivated on Monday

I know, I know, you don’t think that’s true. You think Monday is a terrible day and should be abolished from the calendar. You want several cups of coffee and maybe an entire chocolate cake. But you’re more motivated on this day than you think. That’s because it’s actually a quieter day. You don’t receive that many emails since it’s the start of the week and everyone else is feeling super lazy. You don’t send that many emails because, you figure, it’s Monday and no one wants to actually work. So instead, you have time to focus on your goals and your own projects. You just might experience a surprising burst of creativity. So go ahead and use this day wisely. It’s actually your most crucial day of the week. Now that you know how awesome Monday actually is, you can brainstorm or come up with a concept that’s been bugging you for weeks.

3. You'll Be Happier if You're Productive

Although your instinct may be to crawl back under the covers and call in sick to work, you should really be embracing Mondays and heading to the office with a big smile on your face and a skip in your step. If you make a real effort to be productive, you’ll feel much better about yourself, your work ethic, and your job. Who doesn’t want to continue the work week feeling happy and productive? If you typically begin the week by complaining and wishing the day was over, you should probably rethink that. It’s not getting you anywhere anyway, right?

4. You Don't Feel Beaten Down

Think about how you feel at the end of the work week. If you answered tired and annoyed and frustrated, you would be right. Thankfully, you never feel that way on Monday morning. So why not embrace it? Having a clear mind will allow you to approach situations and crises head-on without freaking out. You can become a problem-solving machine instead of crying over how you wish it was still Saturday.

5. Your Sunny Attitude Will Impress Others

The biggest benefit of being optimistic and ready to get down to business on a Monday? Your coworkers and clients and boss will be totally impressed with your sunny attitude. They’ll wonder what your secret is and wish they could be more like you. Maybe you’ll even start a Monday loving revolution (okay, maybe not).

6. There's Actually Nothing to Hate

What did Monday ever do to you? Didn’t your mother tell you that if you have nothing nice to say, you shouldn’t say anything at all?

Let’s break this down. You hate Mondays because… you wish it was still the weekend? Well guess what? Within five days, you’ll have another weekend. I know, weekends are funny like that, they tend to come around every single week. There’s actually no reason to dislike Mondays just because they signal the end of the weekend.

If you truly dislike Mondays, you need to realize that you might actually dislike your job. When you enjoy what you do, you don’t actually mind coming into the office to begin a new week (or at least you don’t hate it quite that much). You happily answer some emails and drink your coffee in the kitchen while catching up with your favorite coworkers. You don’t moan and complain and whine.

It’s time to change your perspective. Consider why you’re feeling this way. Do you secretly want a new job that makes you happier? Do you need to pick up a new hobby to make your weeknights more interesting? Are you desperate for more responsibility and power at the office? Be honest with yourself and you’ll realize that Monday is really just a scapegoat for what’s really bothering you.

7. You Can Streamline Your Workload


When you think about it, you should actually despise Fridays way more than you despise Mondays. Why? Because Friday is the day when you get stuck with a pile of work that needs to be finished ASAP (as in, before the weekend starts in just a few short hours). And that usually happens at 3 p.m., totally ruining your happy hour plans. If you can learn to like Mondays, you can carefully look at your workload and figure out how to streamline in. Organization is your BFF when it comes to your position, no matter what industry you work in. You simply can’t function without it. It’s much easier to get organized on a Monday because your boss is much less likely to stick you with some extra work.

Monday is also the best day for doing all the annoying grunt work that you don’t really want to be doing. Since procrastination is no one’s friend, you’ll be thrilled that you got it all done right at the start of the week, and then you have an enjoyable Tuesday through Friday.

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Do you loathe Mondays? You probably do, since basically everyone does, so you’re not alone there. But you shouldn’t actually hate this day as much as you think you should. Monday is actually an amazing opportunity for a new beginning at the office. So embrace it, get healthy, get organized, and look forward to a brand new work week. Anything can happen.




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