Is Negative Thinking Really Attracting Bad Luck to You?

Courtesy of Seething by brett Jordan via Flickr

They say “expect back what you put out into the world”. That can mean that being friendly will attract you more friends, that doing bad things to others will cause bad things to happen to you, or... yes, that if you send out negative thoughts they’ll come back in the form of bad luck. Unfortunately, it’s a vicious cycle where the more you believe in bad luck – or any kind of out-of-your-control forces – and the more you focus on it, the worse things are going to seem until you simply stop getting back on the horse.

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Smile, it confuses people

Consider the last job interview you went to where you didn’t get the job: did you go into it thinking, “Yes, I’m going to get this!” or “I’ve had so many interviews lately, there’s no way I’m going to get this one”? Once you start thinking like that, you project it whether you mean to or not and it then influences how other people react to you – like the “bad luck” of not giving you the job.

Remember how your parents were forever reminding you to smile when you were a teenager? It was so that people wouldn’t think you were too depressed/miserable/pessimistic to approach. Similarly, feeling too negative in an interview can make an employer think you’re unenthusiastic and can give them the idea you don’t even really want the job. Then you don’t get it, and you blame it on bad luck when it was really just your own negativity!

Do you actually believe in luck?

If you don’t, then you can’t blame it on bad (or good) things happening to you; you’ve chosen to take responsibility for yourself. We make our own luck, and whether we consider something to be good or bad can depend on our outlook. For example, stepping in mud could mean a ruined pair of shoes, and losing your job could be the end of the world. Or you can be optimistic like The Lonely Island and decide you “stepped in mud, got new brown shoes / lost my job, it’s a new opportunity”.

Opposites don’t always attract

Thinking negatively isn’t the best way to get nice things to happen, and there’s a difference between being realistic and being pessimistic: pessimists are right that bad things happen, but they’re forgetting that good things happen too, and that they should keep themselves open to those opportunities. There’s a logic to lowering your expectations so you don’t end up too disappointed and have room to be pleasantly surprised, but going through life expecting the worst will make you start looking for it so you can be right. That’s not the kind of right you want to be. 

I’m not being negative, I’m cursed!

Okay then, if you’re really sure it’s not your own way of thinking, try out the advice in this wikiHow article. In three parts, it tells you:

  1. How to get rid of bad luck - such sage advice as throwing salt, burning incense, and beating the darkness with light. Literally.
  2. How to avoid bad luck – yes, this includes ladders, cracks, and umbrellas.
  3. How to recognize signs of good luck – there’s not much point working to get rid of the bad and not realizing you’re done, after all.

Have you ever blamed luck rather than accept that it was your own negative thinking? What do you do to keep yourself positive? Let us know in the comments!