Is Reality TV All Bad?

There seems to be an absolute abundance of reality tv shows sprouting up from all directions. However "reality" is often strecthing the heavily scripted shows. But how much harm can such shows really cause?

The explosion of 'Here Comes Honey Boo Boo' has brought an extremely popular redneck family to our television set. Jaws have been left lying on the floor with this crazy family without a doubt. So, what is it about this particular family? Love or hate them, there is no denying you are well aware of their existence!

The extra crazy redneck family no doubt love each other! It may also surprise alot of people to find out money of this bunch is going straight to Alanna's (honey boo boo) college fund! Yes, that's right! The little beauty pagent queen will surely have a great education set up for her because of the reality show. It is obvious reality shows are bringing a career to those that may not have had the opportunity to 'earn' decent money otherwise.

So this brings the question, are reality programs really THAT bad? Well at the end of the day they are entertaining us, but at a significant cost for certain individuals. It has been reported more than 9.2 million cosmetic surgeries has been performed as a result of some reality shows (Medical Procedure News.) With shows such as 'Britain and Irelands Next Top Model' and 'Beauty and the Geek', this statistic really isn't surprising in the overall view.

Even shows like 'X Factor' inevitably favour looks over talent. It isn't exactly a secet, which has lead many viewers to switch off. Many talented competitors are rejected as a result of not having 'the look'. This is a terrible side of reality that doesn't appear to be going away any time soon! Despite if it really isn't your thing, talent shows like this is still giving young (and older) people the chance to make money off of their talents...or lack of talents even at that. Many are at the breaking point in life, and these shows are the main breadwinning solutions for them.

Love it or hate it, reality television will be around for quite some time despite many viewers being utterly sick of most of it by now. As long as companies keep coming up with redneck family drama such as 'Here comes honey boo boo' or Myrtle Manor', people will continue to tune in each week and support this ridiculous 'career'.

What is your opinion of reality shows being an active career in this economy? There certainly is no denying it will continue to be profitable for the forseeble future.