Is Self-Employment Really For you? Take Our Quiz

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Always thought you’d like to be self-employed? Are you fed up with your job and thinking about going it alone? Want to call the shots, organise your own schedule and work from home in your pyjamas whenever you choose?

Starting your own business is part of every worker’s dream. Who has not thought about quitting their day job and become self-employed? And this should not come as a surprise; entrepreneurs tend to be seen as the rock stars of the business world.

However, it is also true that starting, owning and running your own business is not for everyone. Some people are meant to be employed as doctors, artists or marketers, and some are meant to be entrepreneurs. Quite simply not everyone is cut out to be an entrepreneur.



Are You Meant to Be an Entrepreneur?

Self-employment can seem like a very attractive option for many different reasons, but the reality doesn’t always match up to the vision, and many give up when they realise what being self-employed is really like.

If you’re considering self-employment, take this short quiz to help you decide whether it is really for you. It is designed to help you determine whether or not you have “the right stuff” for self-employment.

Answer each statement ‘True’ or ‘False.’ Please answer the following questions as honestly as you can. As this is not a test, there are no wrong answers.

1. I want to run my own business. Instead of saying, ‘I work for X company’, you are dying to say ‘I run my own business’.

2. You don’t need everyone to support you. You know that some of your friends, colleagues and family members may not support what you’re doing, but you’re ok with that.

3. I don’t like being told what to do. You really, really can’t stand being told what to do and you resent having a boss. You weren’t meant for this!

4. Not even working for Google would make me happy. Even if you had the best boss on the planet and were working for an amazing company, it still wouldn’t give you the fulfilment you’d get from working for yourself.

5. I need more flexibility. You would prefer more flexibility and freedom in your life rather than having to follow a company-imposed structure.

6. I want to work on my own The thought of implementing and working on your own ideas leaves you feeling extremely driven, motivated and itching to get started.

7. The risk of not having a monthly salary doesn’t concern you. You’re comfortable with the risk of not having a steady monthly salary.

8. You want to pursue your passions. You know that pursuing your passions and starting your own business will likely mean that you have to work a lot harder than you already do, but you would prefer that to continuing in a job that leaves you bored and unfulfilled.

9. Meetings are a waste of time. Attending work meetings leaves you bored and frustrated and as far as you’re concerned, they achieve nothing.

post vacancies
post vacancies

10. You want to work in your pyjamas. Being able to go to work in your pyjamas sounds like just about the best thing you can imagine.

11. You want to be able to make decisions. You want to have the authority to make a decision without having to run it past anyone first.

12. You are happy working alone. You’re comfortable working alone and not always having daily contact with lots of people.

13. Starting your own business can be tough. You know that there may be some really tough times when starting your business, but you know you’re resilient, positive and focused enough to survive.

14. You’re a very motivated person. You find it easy to motivate yourself and get things done.

15. You keep learning new skills. You’re resourceful. When you don’t know how to do something, you willingly go out and learn how to do it and if you can’t hire someone who can.

16. You’re willing to fail. You understand that failure is a necessary part of success.

17. You believe in yourself. You don’t require anyone else to give you a pat on the back when you’ve done a good job to believe in your own self-worth, talent and skills.

18. Your talents are being wasted. You could put your unique gifts and talents to better use by being self-employed.

19. You want to achieve financial freedom. You believe you can ultimately have greater financial freedom through working for yourself.

20. Success lies in your own You have a strong belief that you can succeed and realise that success lies in your own hands.

21. You have a great work life balance. You’re able to separate your work and private life so that you maintain balance in your life.

If you scored mostly “True”, then rest assured; self-employment is a great path for you.

If you scored mostly “False”, then it might not be the best career path for you (yet).

Entrepreneurship and self-employment may be fun, rewarding and exciting but it is also challenging, tough and frustrating. So, you need to make sure that you are psychologically fit to be an entrepreneur before you invest a lot of money, effort and time or it could literally bankrupt you.

How did the test go for you? Is it time to start that business you’ve always dreamed of? Let us know in the comments section.

This article was originally published in February 2014.