Is Selfie Marketing the New Ideal Marketing Choice for Businesses?

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Ever since cell phone manufacturers introduced the world to phones with built in cameras, more and more people have been getting into what was once considered an overly glorified fad - the selfie. No longer a quirky practice for the self-obsessed, it’s now recognized as a share-worthy social technique for social media consumers. Everyone is doing it, and that includes businesses.

So, what is selfie marketing? Simply put, selfie marketing is an advertising strategy designed to connect your brand to customers. It’s a move that personalizes your brand and provides social proof to consumers. 

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How Businesses Benefit

  • Shows your company’s personality. Selfies provide a personal look at your brand that other forms of marketing can’t. Thus, their content can say a lot more about the authenticity of your brand and help you connect to consumers in a way that is meaningful.
  • Makes you human. The personal touch of a selfie makes it easier for consumers to identify with you and makes you tangible rather than an abstract concept. A selfie provides the human touch that consumers need in order to establish a connection to your brand.
  • Provides brand recognition and acceptance among groups of social users. Consumers who connect with your product provide you with recognition no other form of advertising can produce. Customers don’t identify with products they don’t like, so when they connect with your product you’re getting a return on an investment that rewards you over and over again.


Selfie Techniques Businesses Use

  • Promoting new products and services. As the old saying goes: seeing is believing. Companies using social media in their marketing strategies use the selfie to introduce new product lines and menu items. Visual imagery helps grab the attention of the audience you are seeking to engage, and posting photos on social media platforms like Instagram is the quickest way to stir up attention for your brand.
  • Contests and projects. If you offer enticing prizes to the consumers with the best product-oriented selfies you create lots of engagement and can collect data on your target market. This helps you stay abreast of what they are saying about you and how you can influence them.
  • Hashtag, hashtag, hashtag. They might be annoying, but hashtags add order to the chaos of data in the selfie-crazed social media world. Companies use them in selfies to help monitor brand-related content while keeping an audience enticed and engaged. The key to a good hashtag is that it’s clear, clever and relatable. 
  • Building intimacy with a brand. Selfies provide customers with a look at the brand’s most intimate moments without the intermediary of the media, a personal touch that can help influence their loyalty.

Is It the New Marketing Choice for Businesses?

Without a doubt: Yes! In a culture heavily engaged in social media, the visual presence that selfie marketing provides is an extremely effective tool to engage a business’ target audience. It helps establish your relevance, and with more and more companies looking into ways to remain connected to their audience, the selfie adds an authentic personal touch to brand management.

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Have you ever discovered a new product through a social media campaign? Are you a business who’s used selfies? Let us know in the comment section below.