Is Sit-com Happiness Propaganda for the Poor


Oh here comes the write-ctavism! No, don’t worry I’m not going to stand here on this exact soap-box preaching the ills of an industry that takes advantage of their talent to make millions of dollars, proliferate negative stereotypes and misconstrue reality so people think that the real world works like the way it works on the silver screen. No, I refuse to talk about a culture that revolves around superficial, ignorant and oblivious [steps off soap-box] people. Wow, I stepped on that thing by mistake and it was almost like it possessed me…OK so this is how Hollywood makes us drink their Hollywood Kool-aid.

Classic/ Vintage Cars are presented as hoopties

If you’re unfamiliar with the idioms of the mid-90s hip-hop scene (which I’m sure at this point are even taught in a University class) a hoopty is a P.O.S. car (which again, if you’re unfamiliar means ‘piece o’ sh*t’), in most movies though these hoopties are working, reliable and relatively cool classic cars. In the movie “10 things I hate about you” the “poorer” kid Kat drives a Dodge Dart with a different colored hood. The paint is dull and the hood is primer white, but even in that condition a ‘63 Dart would sell for about $10-13 thousand dollars, hell, it doesn’t even need an engine to fetch up to $4 thousand dollars. At this point, you’re probably pushing your glasses back on the bridge of your nose and saying: “I know plenty of teenagers that drive, or drove vintage or classic cars.” Fine, first you need to explain why you know so many teenagers, second, were any of them poor? Third, were any of the cars they drove stolen? Your list got pretty small huh?  

If you can find a working classic car on a 16 year olds allowance-based budget, buy it up because it’s a steal. Actually, now that I think about it it’s probably actually stolen if its selling for so cheap - so don’t buy it.

People of the lower working class have time to hang-out

Yeah, this reality is more fictional than Willie Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. Most people that are part of the working class hold either a very time consuming menial job or multiple time consuming menial jobs. Their down time is dedicated to their kids, house maintenance and upkeep, and other necessities necessary to keep them alive, such as eating going to the bathroom and sleeping. They definitely wouldn’t have the time to sit around during the day and drink coffee or beer or just hang out with their buddies/roommates or co-workers.

The Basics are always provided for

Even if a movie presents an impoverished individual or family, their basic needs are always met. These basic needs include: water, shelter and clothing. There is also a second tier that includes sanitation, education and healthcare. Guess what? Even in the developed world there are people living in extreme or absolute poverty which means they don’t have access to basic human needs. It’s not hard to be in that situation either. Unemployment on a sit-com means sitting on the couch moodily playing video games surrounded by fast food containers. In real life, however, it could mean losing your home, your car and even putting someone in a psychological tail-spin into depression. Not very laugh-worthy is it.

How else do you think Hollywood pushes puppies, unicorns and happy endings down our throats? Let me know in the comment section below.