Is Speed Reading Real?

Speed reading is a technique which helps you read up to 1500 words per minute. There are books videos, seminars and even organizations dedicated to learning how to speed read. There are various tricks that will help but speed reading ultimately makes comprehension suffer. If you do not comprehend what you’re reading then why would you want to read quicker?

If you insist

Some of the techniques are eliminating subvocalization which is the voice that you hear in your head when you read. Tracking your position on the page with a pointing device or a finger helps you stay focused and prevents drifting between sentences. Some of the tricks say that you can read huge chunks of text using both the active part of your eye and your peripheral vision at the same time. This is practically impossible, but fun to think about and helps to sell speed reading books.

Have you tried speed reading? How did it work out for you? How fast did you read this article? Let us know in the comment section below.