Is Temping for me?

If you're not sure which career path to take, temping can be a great way of trying out working in different industries for different kinds of employers. If you're having trouble securing a permanent job because the role you want just isn't available, or you don't yet have the necessary experience, temporary work could be the answer. Before you start, bear in mind the pros and cons of this kind of work, so you can make an informed decision about your future. Here is a quick look at the advantages and disadvantages of temporary employment.

Temping can enhance your future job prospects. By taking on short term work , you can gain new skills and update what you already know. For example, you might learn to use a particular kind of software that other employers have in place. You might be asked to take minutes at meetings, which can give you access to information that increases your knowledge of the industry. You might be required to offer assistance to clients, giving you an increased awareness of what they want and how best to meet their requirements. Not only can you enhance your skills, finding short term roles can be an opportunity to demonstrate a willingness to be a continued part of the work place, regardless of the job market at the time. This kind of work can also be a helpful guide in deciding what direction you want your career to go in. Make notes on the parts of your temp roles that you most enjoy doing and are good at, and you'll be halfway to finding your dream position!

Being a temp does not come without downsides. It can be awkward always having to be the new person in the office. You're trying to work out how everything is done and what your place is within the new environment, while trying to appear friendly and helpful. No wonder you feel a little on edge! You won't get paid if you're off sick or for any other reason, and the chances of continuing to get work are very much dependent on being reliable and punctual.

If you haven't yet found your niche, or need to get a job as quickly as possible, temping may well be the answer. It usually offers weekly pay, and can provide you with opportunities to get really useful experience. If you want to succeed, maintaining a positive attitude and turning up every single day will ensure you continue working. And you never know, you might find yourself falling into a job that offers the prospect of a great career you love!