Is That Little Thing in Your Pocket Making You Dumb?

Ha! Got you reading this article because you thought the ‘thing in your pocket’ was your penis, but I was taking about your smartphone, which is basically making you stupid. Why is it making you stupid? Because it’s making you lazy. Your phone is like an over-critical relative that shows you porn. Seriously though, if you use your phone to search things at the drop of a hat, instead of trying to remember anything, it could even be rewiring your brain. Why would you want to do that? You my friend are a ’cognitive miser’ which is from now on my favorite word.

Lazy Thinkers

So why do we have the propensity to be lazy thinkers? Well as the video mentions cognitive processing demands energy and biological organisms are hard-wired to conserve energy. Thus, if you have the ability to conserve energy you will even if it is making you stupid. Watching reality TV, chewing gum and consuming sugar have all been shown to lower I.Q. yet most people do those things simultaneously (I’m looking at you Delula-May).

Do you watch Honey-Boo-Boo while chewing gum and using your smartphone? Do you think it is making you stupid?