Is The "Coffice" Trend Over Yet?

The “coffice” trend was resigned to startup hipsters just over a year ago but now it looks like the trend is growing well beyond city based, pop-up coffee shops too. Coffices are basically coffee shops that people opt to work in. It is one of those sweeping trends that have generated an unbelievable amount of recognition for being a sign that trends in working habits are shifting. From freelancers to corporate workers, coffices are proving to be very popular amongst both groups. There is even a website that is devoted to showing users where their nearest “coffice” is located which demonstrates that maybe this trend will not be coming to an end any time soon.

Laptops and a Latte               

No experienced coffice worker would be caught dead without their laptop when they are working. This is one of the things that makes working from a coffee shop so appealing, of course this trend could be considered to be a by-product of the BYOD (bring your own device) trend, but it provides workers with so much more than just checking their emails on their smartphones.

Coffee shops are the unlikely heroes of BYOD and remote working habits, providing at least 13% of workers who work remotely these spaces provide the ideal haven. It’s not just remote workers who are smitten with coffice locations, employers are becoming more tolerant of remote working as well. A recent survey conducted by Virgin Media Business shows that 84% of surveyors think that allowing remote working shows that employers trust and value their staff. 1,274 remote workers were polled for this survey and additional results show that 77% of surveyors think that working remotely allows them to achieve a healthy work-life balance, so working from a coffee shop has become more of a norm. Flexible working habits coupled with employees’ desires to feel more empowered appear to be some of the major driving forces behind this trend.

The Caffeine Fix

One of the best aspects of this trend is that employers are recognising the importance of allowing remote working. The appeal for coffice workers is a combination of liberal working and of course being able to work away from the hustle and bustle of a busy office which has proved to be a winning combination. Everyone is a winner here, coffee shops have been able to tap into a segment of the consumer market based upon their trade alone, and remote workers have found an alternative workplace destination that beats their office any day.

There aren’t many trends that manage to infiltrate work culture but coffices have managed to replace traditional office working with a more vibrant culture that truly appeals to workers of all ages and professions. The mass appeal that these spaces have managed to cultivate has done more for healthy work culture than anyone could have imagined, coffices have proved that workforces are not content to just be resigned to offices sat behind desks. They would much rather enjoy a cup coffee whilst emailing their boss or catching up on some work.

With all of these factors considered it certainly doesn’t seem that the Coffice trend is going to die out any time soon.


Image: atomicobject