Is the Twizzler Challenge 2015’s Ice Bucket Challenge?

You may see a lot of people kissing themselves in an awkward fashion on social media soon. You can blame this phenomenon on social media’s newest fundraiser, the ‘Twizzler’, in case you haven’t heard of it. The trigger cause for Twizzler is autism which, according to the National Autistic Society, affects roughly 700,000 people in the UK – estimates are based on epidemiological studies - there are no exact figures for the number people affected. Donating money to autism ensures that those suffering from what is a hugely misunderstood condition receive the support, education and training and can live a life of dignity, as independently as possible. The National Autistic Society is the leading UK charity for sufferers of autism and Asperger’s syndrome and their families.

The Twizzler Challenge

According to the Today show, the Twizzler’s ‘pioneers’ are Meredith Vieria and Willie Geist. The former, presenter Meredith Vieria, challenged Geist to eat from the same string of licorice (a Twizzler) on Vieria’s show on March 12, meeting in the middle (with the briefest of ‘kisses’). The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge raised well over $100 million in a matter of months, and many speculated whether the challenge had transformed charitable giving. It has. Although the Twizzler challenge is yet to gain the kind of traction that receives worldwide coverage, almost a year later, it would appear that a successor to the Ice Bucket Challenge has been born.

So let’s get the #Twizzler party started! If you’re squirming at the thought of sharing a Twizzler stick  with someone, just remember, it’s all about the cause. If you’re in the UK, why not use it as a way of raising money for the truly amazing National Autistic Society?

Did you take part in the Ice Bucket Challenge last year? Why not try the Twizzler challenge this year?