Is There Anything Jeff Bezos Doesn’t Do?

Despite being the founder and owner of Amazon - the world’s largest online retailer - mention the name Jeff Bezos in casual conversation and you are more likely to get a blank response, compared to the instant recognition names such as Steve Jobs and Bill Gates receive. Even though he may not be as famous or easily recognised, he is probably a more ambitious entrepreneur. It could be said that his ambition knows no bounds; his most outrageous project being a Commercial Space Startup.


Obviously, Bezos' greatest success has been The company which was started from his garage in 1994, has become the largest online retailer in the world, and made him a Billionaire. I would imagine that there are few people reading this article that have never bought anything from Amazon. This company of course has paved the way for all of his future endeavours.

Kindle vs iPad

Amazon's version of Apple's iPad is the Amazon Kindle, and a success it has been at that! This just goes to show how Bezos has diversified his original business model of what started out as an online book retailer. The biggest innovation is perhaps the Kindle family of EBook readers. It quickly became the most successful EBook reader in the world due to its low price, innovative design and constant updates. This was quickly followed by a foray into the world of tablets, to counter the dominance of Apple's iPad domination. The Kindle Fire, as it is known was not exactly an iPad killer, as it was only really useful if you lived in the USA. It was designed to watch TV shows and movies and most of the licenses had been arranged with U.S. companies. However, a lot of the issues with licenses have changed recently. The new version called the Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 has loads of apps and has been put forward by some as a potential iPad Air Killer. 


Amazon has even started to produce two of their own TV shows called Alpha House and Betas. If these are a success then no doubt it will produce more of its own in-house TV shows. Along with television media ,Jeff Bezos also purchased the Washington Post in 2013. This is surely a sign of his interest of traditional and new media as a potential source of revenue. Perhaps he will create or purchase his own Social Media platform next?

Space, the Final Frontier

The most remarkable of Bezos projects, however, is his Commercial Space Startup called Blue Origin. Jeff Bezos has always had an interest in space flight and it is reported be wants to go into space and of course, make money out of it at the same time! The company is to start with low cost, fast Sub Orbital flights provided by a bespoke reusable pod. If all goes well, he plans to be able to fly into outer space within 10 years.    

What is next for Jeff Bezos? Who knows, but with ideas like this and a huge budget; it really means the sky is the limit or rather, outer space is the limit for this unstoppable, ambitious entrepreneur.