Is this the World’s Worst Ever Safety Video?

Virgin Atlantic, be afraid. Be very afraid – Condor Ferries has just unleashed its latest safety video on the general public: a one-hit wonder that will leave everyone baffled.

The video, a most peculiar rap safety video, briefs its passengers on what to do in an emergency (though they should refrain from laughing out loud). The video is a dead cert contender for the most cringe worthy video award – ever. However, on the plus side, it’s more entertaining than your usual safety briefing.

Rapper’s Delight

The video is set to the tune of Rapper’s Delight by Sugar Hill Gang, and it features Condor’s perky employees (three of them) showing off their non-existent hip hop skills in a strenuous display of forced fun. Here’s a little peek at the lyrics:

"I’m the C-A-P-T to the A-I-N and I’m here to let you know, that once you’ve heard the whistle go my instructions will flow."

And it’s a downhill flow from there, I’m afraid. The lyrics get worse – so much so that I considered leaping overboard. The good news for Condor Ferries is that its passengers are unlikely to judge them by the quality of their entertainment. And I can offer the same piece of advice given to me by a neighbour who could bear my saxophone playing no longer: “Don’t give up the day job.”

The Condor Ferries video comes on the back of some irredeemably awful promotional videos by travel companies. Here’s one: a video extravaganza by Thorne Travel, complete with pumping House music:

Over to you. What spectacularly bad promotional videos have you watched? Go on, share them with us in the box below.