Is your Office a Health Hazard to Employees?

Is your Office a Health Hazard to Employees?

As a manager, it is your duty to provide a safe, clean and hazard free working environment for your staff. The rules and regulations surrounding health and safety at work are numerous, and if you want to avoid lawsuits filed by employees’ injured at work, then you must do everything you can to ensure your office is a safe and hazard free zone.

Some aspects of your office you may not realize are in fact contributing to health and safety concerns. Here are some of the main factors to be aware of…

Eyestrain from working with computers

  • Provide employees with screen covers for their monitors to help dull the bright light and protect their eye sight.
  • Offer an eye testing contribution for all employees working with monitors.

Back pain

  • Be sure to have comfortable and supportive chairs for your staff to sit on, especially if their job involves them to be seated for most of the day.
  • Encourage your employees to do useful stretches and fitness techniques to lessen the risk of them developing a back problem at work.


  • Putting your staff under too much pressure, or simply not supporting them enough may contribute to them developing depression or work-related stress issues.
  • Ensure that you offer an open door policy where employees can feel confident in coming to you if they have a problem they need solving.

Bacteria and sickness

  • Office cleanliness is key to preventing the spread of office sickness bugs and other infections caused by the spread of bacteria.
  • Request that employees always tidy up after themselves, and hire an office cleaner to clean the entire office at least 3 times per week.

Loose cables and fittings

  • Make sure that any wires, cables and fittings (particularly electrical fixtures) are covered up and not exposed in any way to your employees.
  • Cables that must be extended from one side of the room to the other must be properly fitted underneath the floor, not above!