Is Your Personality Holding Your Career Back?

Your job interview may not be an interview about whether you have the right skills or experience for the job, it could be an interview to underhandedly decide whether you have the right personality for the job. Usually, employers will know that you have the skills and expertise to suit the role because they have hired a recruitment agency to do the leg work for them; what they are testing you on is your ‘cultural fit’. Whilst this is not always the case, you do need to be aware that your personality could be the reason you did or didn’t land your dream job!

Importance of personality 

Research shows that a staggering 88% of employers actively aim to hire new recruits who match the personality fit that they believe is integral to their company’s ethos. Attrition rates remain a concern for employers, especially in tough a economic climate, and so they are now looking beyond the traditional ‘pairing’ of a job with the appropriately skilled candidate. Employers now aim to match a candidate’s personality with their company culture.

Top personality traits that recruiters go for:

#1 Professionalism

#2 High-energy

#3 Confidence

#4 Self-monitoring

#5 Intellectual curiosity

By incorporating professionalism, high-energy and confidence into your persona, you can enhance your employability and appeal to top recruiters.

Is confidence lost?

Out of all the abovementioned favourite personality traits, it is considered that confidence is the trait that is most lacking in candidates. This could be a result of job hunting for long periods in an overly competitive market which is controlled by employers. Regardless of why your confidence has been knocked, it is important that you get it back and use it to your advantage when job hunting and attending interviews.