Is Your Single Status Affecting Your Career?

being single at work
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The pursuit of happiness is what we all aspire to in life, with love and work being inextricably linked. Each person is wired differently; some drive themselves into the ground with their careers and others search hopelessly for love and compassion in another human being, searching for that soul mate to share life with. Whether you are straight, gay or bi-sexual, it’s about finding that connection that makes you truly happy. 

But like most things in this world, money seems to be the overpowering stimulus that justifies who we are and where we end up, C’est la vie. They are often linked because at the end of the day, you want to have fun in your twenties, get a good job by your thirties and usually; settle down with a partner, find a house and raise a family. So the question remains, if you are single, how does this affect your occupation and future goals?

A game of two halves

Many want to be in a relationship to give their life some worth and companionship, for example, if you finish a tedious shift at work you want someone to come home to, right? If this is not the case, and you are happy partying and enjoying the single life, that is another area that might affect your work. Too much fun can dissolve into your career and stall or harm your chances of the best job in your chosen area. Bosses don’t take too kindly to a weekend binge that means you look like one of the zombies from the Thriller video come Monday morning. 

Furthermore, like a relationship in a sense, if you are unhappy with your single life, this has a knock on effect with your work as you feel lonely and depressed in some cases. Without that skip in your step that love brings, sometimes you might feel like there is no point in trying with your work or with life in general.

Single and ready to mingle

Looking at it from a different perspective, maybe being single is the best way for your career. Personally I believe it can be beneficial to you from a selfish point of view, as you don’t have anybody else to think about and consider. Say you are in a relationship in Manchester where your girlfriend is content with life and you get a great opportunity in London to further your career, a relationship might hold you back, limiting you reaching your full potential.

Financially, being in a relationship/marriage can also determine where you are best suited to work. Being the breadwinner of the house can pull the focus away from your own personal targets, putting a back burner on what you really want out of your career. But being single and with no restrictions, the world is your oyster and you have no obligations so you can pursue anything you want.

To evaluate, there are both positive and negatives to being single, just like there are with being in a committed relationship. It really depends on each person individually. Some value happiness based on having a great career; while many take solace in the fact they are content with a simple job and love in their life. Each to your own, just do whatever makes you happy!

Does being single boost your career prospects?




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