Is Your Workplace Prepared for a Zombie Apocalypse?

Have you ever considered what would happen if zombies invaded while you were at work? Well maybe you should! The kind of job you do could contribute to your survival or demise when the walking dead arrive at your office door. Here is some food for thought...something to chew over.


Thick protective clothing will prevent you from being instantly mauled to death, so fireman and chemical workers are among those who will have that covered... if you'll excuse the pun.

Comfortable orthopedic shoes will come in very handy for the copius amounts of running required to stay ahead of a swarm of zombies. Nurses and fitness industry workers are way ahead here... I did it again.

Bandanas or face masks will come in handy when your co-workers' bodies have been rotting for a few days. Sorry, but zombies do not clean up after themselves.


Obviously cops, security guards and cowboys/girls have a distinct advantage in this department. Having a gun as part of your uniform will prove very handy in a zombie invasion. Keep lots of ammunition on hand and your chances are improved for getting out intact.

Construction workers, plumbers and baseball players do not have guns but they are in possession of some fine zombie bludgeoning equipment. Hammers, bats and metal pipes are worthy advisories to a scuffling, goo seeping former human.

If you work at Costco, Walmart or any other mega outlet, then you my friend have hit the zombie survival jackpot! Everything you need within 160,000 square feet of concrete. 


When the going gets rough you will be glad you know Alice in accounting, who hoards sugary snacks in her desk . Supposing the snack machine is empty and the cafeteria is a mass of rotting flesh, access to the secret stock room key that Joe in IT confided in you about, would be priceless.

Knowing someone who drives an armoured vehicle could be very handy. If they could drive you to Walmart you are as good as saved.

Rubbing shoulders with the CEO may pay off if the company owns a private jet.... just saying.


That pesky security system that takes 10 minutes off your lunch hour could be a blessing in disguise in the event of a zombie invasion. Barbed wire, high fencing, and heavy gates are great for keeping out those flesh eating monsters. If you are lucky enough to work within the prison system, an airport, or military base, then (providing you do not harbor any undead within the walls) you are safely contained.

Depending on who you talk to, zombies may or may not be a threat to your workplace. But if the day comes when your shop floor resembles the set of The Walking Dead, you will know what your options are for survival and you can thank me. You will find me at Costco, the one with the Brinks truck outside.  ;)