Job Description for an Architectural Project Manager

Job Description for an Architectural Project Manager

Architectural projects managers are usually drawn from a pool of talented building and construction experts who can, for instance, tell the difference between gypsum plaster and various modern types of cement. They know about arch, dome and vault building structural designs as much as they do about how well different topographies and soil types accommodate various architectural structures. An architectural project manager’s job description can, therefore, be wide ranging and interesting.

Planning and Design

The manager participates in designing and revising construction blueprints in line with certified architectural standards. He or she should also work closely with environmentalists to curtail any ecological impacts that the project might spark especially if the construction site is close to ecological gems such as rivers, lakes, oceans or wetlands. It’s the site manager’s duty to prepare construction related contracts and participate in assessing building and construction professionals’ level of expertise. Other elements of planning that the architectural project manager is in charge of include estimating the cost of labor and the materials required to complete the project.

Workplace Safety

Safety inspections also fall under an architectural manager’s list of duties. The manager is, for instance, expected to maintain quality control aspects of the entire construction project in order to avoid mishaps such as structural sinking or collapse. These can be costly and tragic at the same time. The manager must also ensure that everyone visiting or working at the construction site has the right head protection gear to guard against falling objects or debris. In addition to these, he or she must insist on safety clothing and boots with the ability keep incidents that may slow down the workers such as cement burn at bay.

Compiling Reports

An efficient architectural site manager should have top-notch skills in writing reports and proposals concerning the construction project. Building and construction reports and proposals can be significant in persuading investors or architectural government oversight bodies to consider various adjustments to the original architectural plans. Adapting building plans in accordance to expected or unexpected circumstances is, therefore, another role that falls on the managers’ lap.

Meeting Deadlines and Motivating Employees

The job description requires keeping construction site workers happy and motivated. As a construction project manager, you should, for example, be able to solve any disputes that may arise amongst workers and remove bottlenecks that can hamper timely completion of the project. Construction project managers can consequently fire non-performing employees and replace them with more efficient and talented construction experts. They can also break ties with inefficient suppliers and award the contract to a company(s) that uses modern delivery systems which operate on principles such as Just in Time or the 5s management strategies to eliminate waste and cut down warehouse expenses.

An architectural project manager’s job description also requires them to be honest, innovative and to have an eye for detail. You should, therefore, exhibit professional dexterity that portrays your tight grip on construction projects’ development with high, but realistic expectations in mind as a project manager in any architectural field. 


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