Job Interviews: You Only Have 30 Seconds to Impress [Video]

In job interviews, you only get one shot to impress employers. So, if you go unprepared, the hiring manager will know will know, and the chances are you will fail miserably. Why? Because according to research the outcome of a job interview can be predicted within the first 15 seconds.

So, employers know if you are a good fit from the moment they give you that first glance, the way you shake hands, what you are wearing as well as what you say. This means that if you are not properly dressed, haven’t rehearsed your answers, and you are not aware of your body language; you aren’t going to get the job. The video above by DYC Career Service makes this clear as it examines a set of different situations where job candidates are expected to make a good impression in just 30 seconds.

Have a look through this video and find out how you could impress employers at your next job interview in just 30 seconds. How would you do it? Let us know in the comments section below…




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