Job Posting in less than 100 Words

Getting the order of your job advertisement correct will increase the chances of the reader reaching the end of the ad and making an application for the position. It is therefore important to get the order right, to enhance the chances of people applying for the position.

The introduction

When job seekers are scanning through job advertisements, they want to know if the job is right for them. It is therefore necessary to state the key responsibilities of the role first, prior to describing the features of the company. This will increase the chances of them reading the rest of your advertisement, and ultimately applying for the position. Designate around 20% of the word count to this, making sure that you list the most important requirements for the position first.  

The main body

Once you have written a brief overview of the role, briefly describe the specifications of the individual. Do not go into too much detail here; simply focus on the key characteristics of your ideal candidate. In order to keep in line with anti-discrimination legislation, it is fundamental to eliminate unnecessary information, such as desired age range or gender. This will also assist you in keeping within the necessary word count. You can assign between 10- 20% of the word count to this section.

Once the preferred specifications of the individual have been described, include the key responsibilities of the job. List them using bullet points to reduce the number of words used, and be sure to list them from most important to least. Again, assign around 20% of your text to this section.

From here, you can then list the salary and benefits of the position. These can also be listed if preferred, and it is not necessary to write superfluous information, such as the hours you are expected to take a lunch break or the drinks available in the company’s cafeteria. If necessary, this information can be provided in the interview or upon the employee’s induction if they are recruited.

Final information

Provide information on your company and information on how to apply. Keep the information straightforward, professional and easy to comprehend. The remainder of the available word count must be assigned to this section of the advert.

Additional information

Use SEO (Search Engine Optimization), which is described as the art of making pages appear at the top of Google and other major online search sites. There are many things that you can do to ensure that your job advertisement achieves this, such as repeating important key words related to the vacancy.

Do not make your job title cryptic by including unusual or obscure words or symbols. This will only reduce the chances of your advert appearing in search results as users will not choose these keywords. In addition, adverts with such words or symbols are often seen as scams, meaning that people may become suspicious of the opportunity and not take it seriously.


Mentioning the job title numerous times (between 3 and 7) will assist with the rating of the advert if it is being published online. In making use of the above tips, you will be able to create a job posting in less than 100 words.