Jobs You Can Get With an Associate Degree in Architecture

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An associate degree in architecture gives you the impetus to lay a steady foundation in various industries. UK architectural firms for instance deploy the services of associate degree holders in areas such as construction budget estimation, structural conception and visual illustration. You can consequently use your associates in architecture to gather work experience and bolster your financial stand in life by taking up a number of positions with bright career prospects.

Assistant Architect

Working as an assistant to a senior architect is one of the jobs you can take up with an associate degree in architecture. The position’s roles and duties involve outlining progress made in current design and construction projects through elaborate architectural reports. An assistant architect also ensures that the firm’s projects under his or her work portfolio are in line with the required government regulations. You can as well design and monitor ventilation, plumbing and air condition installation processes in addition to working closely with suppliers to guarantee timely delivery of construction materials or architectural tools.

Go for Green Architecture

Jobs in green architecture involve designing and constructing eco-friendly buildings using materials that favor environmental sustainability. The buildings are for example intricately designed and fitted with solar and thermal power technologies to lower energy utility cost while others incorporate rooftop gardens to promote organic kitchen gardening. Green architecture is the way to go if you believe in environmentally savvy architectural efforts with value adding significance inclined toward global carbon footprint reduction.  

Drafting, Interior and Exterior Design

You can as well take on drafting, interior and exterior design-related services to carter for people who need to align their properties with certain themes. There are people who for instance require your associate architecture drafting skills to attain innovative building designs which can be boat, airplane or ship-like in shape with flawless exterior features. Others may call on you to provide interior outlays which may include window designs that allow in sufficient daylight to make their houses or commercial buildings warm and welcoming.

Landscape Architecture Jobs

Landscaping can in some instances require a professionally artistic eye. It’s therefore a field of employment that favors associate degree holders in architecture. The projects can be huge and well-paying especially if the land’s topography is to be transformed from a rocky or a sloppy terrain into an expansive golf course, park or commercial buildings’ compounds. Landscape architectures collaborate with agriculturalists to establish the right shrubs, flowers, trees and grass that can blend well to embody an outstanding aesthetic outlook. Other architectural landscaping stints include outlaying irrigation pipes besides designing walkways, swimming pools and in-house or compound artificial waterfalls.

Your associates in architecture present openings through which you can seize lucrative career opportunities with the ability to mold your professional life in line with your dreams and ambitions. The degree also gives you the chance to put a smile on other people’s faces by coming up with groundbreaking architectural designs. It’s possible to start on any of these career paths as a paid intern or as a freelance architectural expert since associates in architecture with a unique blend of skills is a treasure within the contemporary workforce.