Jobs That Will Physically And Mentally Destroy You

Although probably the most generic statement someone can make; work is hard. It’s both physically and mentally demanding, but most people find ways to cope, like working out, socializing and drinking heavily. There are certain jobs though that have the potential to literally destroy you, leaving you a broken, sobbing husk of the person you once were. If you’re a sucker for punishment or entertained by other people’s pain, then take a look at jobs that will physically and mentally destroy you.

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1. Actor

I know life in the lap of luxury with access to well everything might seem like a pretty easy career option, but getting to the upper echelons of Hollywood is harder than trying to do a self-appendectomy with only local anesthetic. Let’s say you do beat the odds and manage to become an actor (which is crazy according to Ryan Gosling Hollywood’s answer to Prince Charming) you will have to endure 14 hour days (in some cases even 16 or 20), months of preparation (which could make you lose grip on reality reducing your co-workers to tears) and then add on another few months promoting the movie you just made. Oh, you also have that whole losing and gaining stupid amounts of weight for the sake of the role thing too.

2. War Correspondent

Generally, when things are blowing up around someone, they run to an area where things aren’t blowing up. War Correspondents, on the other hand, tend to go towards the explosions. A recent trend has made it exponentially more dangerous though as publications have been employing freelancers to cover war-zones. But because of the increase of freelancers the pay has been significantly cut. This has resulted in freelancers not hiring security, translators or local contacts, exposing them to grave injury and death.

Not that when they did have security, translators and local contacts things were safer as the tragic death of renegade foreign correspondent Marie Colvin proves. The job will expose you to arguably the most danger, death and emotional turmoil an individual can be exposed to in almost any situation or profession. Although not entirely relevant, I think it is worth mentioning that Colvin was responsible for saving 1500 women and children in East Timor.

3. Career Military Personnel

us marines in the desert

So after years of physically and mentally demanding training, life-threatening engagements, and a strictly regimented lifestyle military personnel will often get promoted. This isn’t the same type of promotion as in the civilian world, though. No, when you get promoted in the military it means that in case of deployment you will be responsible for the lives of people below you.

This makes the position mentally, and emotionally taxing (to extreme levels) as the relationships that are forged amongst brothers in arms is often considered more deep and profound than blood relations. The loss of a person under a senior officer’s command often has catastrophic effects on their mental and emotional state.

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Are there any other jobs that I forgot to include? Let us know in the comment section below.




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