How to Join the Exclusive Club of Overachievers

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There are those among the general population who try just a little harder, or in some cases a lot harder, than everyone else around them; they are what we call overachievers. There is a fundamental difference between overachievers and perfectionists. Namely, perfectionists care about the immediate task at hand, whereas overachievers see the larger picture. It is not just about excelling at what they do; it is about looking into the future and grasping at the impossible. Taking a seemingly unmanageable goal and turning it into something plausible by doing every last thing in their power to propel themselves forward to greatness. What that greatness is, depends on the person. For some, it is simply being the best person they can be. For others, it is about striving for something that is so big it terrifies them. They do not allow the fear to stop them from working their tails off to get what they want no matter what it is.

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If the overachiever club is something you wish to join, it is more than feasible to do so. It’s true; some people are just more naturally inclined to work harder at the things that they do. However, over-achievement is not a talent; it is a skill that is learned over time through arduous commitment and drive. Here are a few ways that you can teach yourself the art of over-achievement.

1. Set Life Goals and Short Term Goals

To overachieve, you need something to achieve at.  This means thinking long and hard about what you want. Define it clearly in your mind. Chisel away at the foggy, general ideas of your future, and make bold leaps to a perfectly molded picture of what you want your future to hold. Once your goal has been well defined, you can start working towards it step by step. Break down your significant life goal into smaller short-term goals that you can work toward in your daily life. This will keep you motivated and help you not lose sight of the broader picture.

2. Keep Moving Forward

Overachievers don’t let failure knock them down. They stand back up, brush themselves off and keep moving forward. Any setbacks are seen as a lesson learned, something that makes them stronger. When life knocks you down, keep your eyes on the prize, and don’t let anything distract you from what you want. 

3. Don't Be Afraid to Ask For Help

Being an overachiever doesn’t mean you must be a lone wolf. To realize your goals, you must accept that you will likely need assistance along the way. Don’t let pride or ego make you go at it alone; as this is not overachievement, it is foolishness. Overachievement means doing whatever it takes to succeed, and if that means leaning on others along the way then so be it.

4. Reflect On Your Past

Overachievers are sharply focused on their goals, but they also take the time to look back on their actions and reflect. To be an overachiever, you must be willing to learn and improve throughout your life. Optimize your future actions by reflecting on your past and you will strengthen your efforts as you move along.

5. Take Time To Relax

Contrary to popular belief, being an overachiever doesn’t equate to being a workaholic. Overachievers can put down their pencil and kick back for a few hours, or even days when necessary. They know that to put their maximum effort into everything they do, they must rest their bodies and minds every once in a while. Don’t view time with friends and family, or even time to yourself as a waste. It is something that will revitalize and recharge your spirit so you can keep moving forward with enthusiasm and vitality.

The overachievement club is not so exclusive after all. These steps are just a few of the things you can do to push yourself into overachieving your way to success. Figure out what you love to do and pursue it with drive and passion. Above all, believe in yourself.

Do you consider yourself an overachiever? Do you have any tips for others trying to make it into this ‘exclusive’ club? Use the comments section below.

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