Jump-start Your Digital Career Effectively With These 5 Options

Any industry has its ups and downs, and there could be an extended period of recession, throwing people out of their jobs. However, of late, the digital industry has evolved as a consistently strong one, which is growing in leaps and bounds. With interesting blogs and fantastic job offers being posted online, there are more people browsing the Internet than ever before. This has led to a crop of ecommerce and digital marketing companies opening shops online and benefitting immensely.

It is not as though a website can be created instantly and you are good to go right away. It is an extended process where you need a dedicated team in order to create an attractive and well-designed website. The social media probably has the widest reach today, and the messages reach almost instantaneously. There seems to be no age or educational barrier for an online presence, and more and more people are online for longer periods of time for various reasons.

The popularity and reach of Google is phenomenal, and with a global presence and over 54,000 employees on its payroll, it is probably the most used search engine. The best part is that you do not have to be a computer geek in order to have a rewarding digital career.

Here are a few options that may interest any layperson.


Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has to do with optimizing your website in such a way that you get maximum mileage and divert more traffic your way. It also involves search engine marketing or SEM, pay-per-click or PPC, where a fixed amount is paid for every click, and of course, the ubiquitous social media. This is also one of the greatest ways for brand promotion, and creating a formidable online profile. Professional marketers focus on making their presence felt on Twitter, and aim for an improved page ranking on Google. One has to always remember to follow the best practices, for which an in-depth knowledge of the search industry and loads of experience are essential.

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Web content

It all depends on how well you can express yourself with a brilliant play of words. Content is king, and if you can master the art of creating content, more than half your work is done. However, web content is not limited to just interesting blogs; one can also make a brilliant video presentation to draw more traffic. The website needs to identify a target audience and know how to keep them engaged, and urge them to keep returning regularly. Today, it is an easy task to accomplish all these things, thanks to intelligent and practical tools like WordPress and Blogger. People who are well versed in writing should be able to reach the targeted audience easily.

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This is a relatively new term, which again is to do with marketing online. Ecommerce is nothing but transacting business online, and can range from buying or selling products, services, or package deals with specialists in online advertising, offering their services. One can look out for excellent openings like online campaign managers, or sales persons, and the only skill you need is to be able to interact with people brilliantly.

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Software and web development

These are specialized areas that have thrown open a wide range of opportunities. With gaming and mobile apps having become popular, (there are thousands of games and apps that are downloaded by millions of people) the possibilities are endless. However, this requires specialized skills, and one needs to possess a basic computer science degree to handle such tasks. Additionally, knowledge of HTML and coding and exposure to how iOS, Blackberry and Android work are the skills prospective employers look out for in candidates.

20 percent discount
20 percent discount

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Web designing

Web designing is quite different from web development. A web designer is the architect of a website and helps build it the way a customer envisages how his site should appear online. With a mix of exposure to creation of images and graphics, a web or graphic designer helps create brand value. While technical knowledge is required, exposure to working with programs like Photoshop, Fireworks, and inDesign is desirable. Knowledge of HTML will also help anyone’s quest for a web designer’s job. 

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Work from anywhere

The beauty with doing anything online is that you are almost anonymous, and it really does not matter where you are located. Forget the need to have an upmarket business address in London to impress customers. There are several cities like Manchester that has MediaCity, and Cambridge, with its Cambridge Cluster, that was formed by a group of Cambridge consultants, which are great digital hubs in the U.K.

Quo Vadis

There is no doubt that the digital industry is poised to grow in leaps and bounds. With new websites and platforms, being created by the day and countless apps coming out every other day, there is no dearth for jobs in the digital world of today. If you are not already part of it, you should join the bandwagon and reap the benefits.

There is no doubt that the digital world throws up more opportunities than any other field today. What’s more is the pay is better too and there are no limits to using one’s imagination creatively.

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