Kanye West to Launch a Video Game

Kanye West is following in the successful footsteps of his wife, Kim Kardashian by developing a videogame. The famous rapper has recently announced that he has been developing a videogame, over the past six months, based on his recent single “Only One” which is dedicated to his mother who passed away in 2007. The idea of the game is based on the following scenario: the gamer has to bring Kanye’s mother, who is going through the gates, to the highest Gates of Heaven by holding her to the light.

How much Kanye would profit from this new venture remains obscure. His “other half” Kim Kardashian is said to have profited $85 million from her videogame, which climbed to #2 on Apple’s free game charts. Watch this video to get a more detailed idea about Kaney’s game idea. What do you think of his game concept? Do you think it will take gamers by storm or bomb? Have your say in the comments section please!