How to Keep Calm When Many People are Yelling in the Office

yelling in the office

The deadlines, the stress and the heart-pounding, last-minute miracles that happen in the office can really take their toll -- and can affect the way people communicate with each other. If you work in an office that’s high-stress and involves a lot of yelling, you owe it to yourself to find ways to cope.

If you don’t, you could suffer from any number of health issues. In the short term, stress can cause headaches, stomach upset and sleep disturbances; in the long term, it can lead to depression, high blood pressure, heart conditions, weight gain and fertility issues, among other problems, reminds WebMD.

You might not be able to stop all of the yelling that happens among co-workers in your office, but you can take some steps to try to deal with it. Here are a few ideas.

Practice a mind-body discipline

It’s been long proven that practicing a mind-body discipline such as yoga, Tai Chi, or meditation can help you better cope with stress. You might not be able to stop and perform a yoga session during the middle of the work day, but having practice in deep breathing can help you take a few moments away when you really need it, or help you find your “happy place” in the midst of a chaotic situation. Even just a few deep breaths or a simple stretch can trigger your body into that relaxation mode. What’s more, practicing a relaxation technique will lower your stress levels overall.

Tune out

If you’re unable to find your happy place in the midst of all the yelling, look for ways to tune out. Put on a pair of headphones, turn on some music at a low level, or get a white noise machine such as a fan or air purifier. If you’re really struggling to get work done and the yelling is constant, find out whether there’s a quieter part of the office you can move to.

Pause before you react

If you’re at your wit’s end or the yelling is suddenly directed at you, do your best not to react right away. If you react quickly to a rude comment or a loud, unruly co-worker, you may find yourself saying something you didn’t mean, and that could damage your relationships. Pause, take a breath or two, and then speak your mind at a low volume.

Confront it calmly

If the yelling in the workplace is getting out of hand and it’s interfering with the productivity of the office, it may be time to discuss it formally with your boss or co-workers. If a few co-workers are the culprits, ask them out to lunch and let them know how their behavior is affecting your productivity. If your boss is part of the problem, ask for a meeting and ask for her help or ideas regarding better ways to communicate.

If you don’t get anywhere or your feedback is met with disdain, it might be time to reassess whether you can continue working in that environment. With the huge effects that stress has on your body, no job is worth risking your overall well-being.

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