How to Keep Those Good Ideas That Come to You

Whether we are educated or not and no matter where we come from; we all have ideas. They come and go every now and then. It is always a difficult catch capturing those thoughts. One minute you have the brightest and sharpest idea that could take your life and business to a whole new level and the next minute they could be gone. What is the benefit of a superb idea when it becomes elusive?

Now, you might not come up with the world’s next greatest invention (or maybe you will). But everything we use in our day-to-day lives was once just an idea. Not every idea will be worth a billion dollars, but perhaps one or two of them can change the trajectory of your business and life for the better.

It is important not to let those ideas just disappear without taking the initiative to keep them. There is no value for us if we do not take the initiative. Another reason why it is so imperative that we capture our ideas is because coincidence or not, some of our best ideas don't come to us in the office.

Here are a few steps to take everyday according to Matt Mayberry, CEO of MattMayberry Enterprises.

Have a system

The best way to capture ideas on a regular basis is to take a systematic approach to it. We all prefer different ways of doing things. Some of us prefer electronic devices while some of us stick to the trusted pen-and-paper route.

Either way, pick what works for you and stick with it. You could log your ideas and thoughts into a note and then at the end of the day analyse each idea. You can then separate the ideas you want to act on immediately or in the near future into a journal.

Pick the good ones

Just because you start capturing your thoughts and ideas doesn’t mean everything that comes to mind is going to be something that you will act on. Finding time alone where you can analyse what you logged for the day helps tremendously. This is where you can determine whether a specific idea is worthy of your time. Throw out what’s useless.


There’s no harm in sharing and exchanging ideas with someone you trust. By doing this you revitalize the idea and give more substance to it. This support system takes your idea a long way and keeps it active within you.

Feel the idea

Answer: what it will feel like when the idea becomes a reality? What will the impact be? Make sure you feel the idea when it is complete and that you are aware of its impact.

Make it a habit

Just like with any new habit that we try to adopt into our everyday lives, it takes time. If you make a determined effort on a regular basis to capture your ideas, it will greatly benefit your personal and professional life.

Many great minds take the initiative to keep their thoughts and marvelous idea somewhere. They tend to see these ideas and thoughts as treasures. They have valued the importance of keeping track of their thoughts and ideas. You don’t have to be a victim of allowing the hustle and bustle of life get in the way and interrupt your ability to capture those golden ideas.

You have to take that initiative now and discipline yourself to follow the rules of keeping your ideas. Have you found a distinct or unique way of keeping your ideas? 




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