How to Keep Work Exciting

Work can become tedious and quickly make you not want to come to the office each day. Obviously, if you want to earn money you need to work. So how can you keep work exciting? This article discusses some ideas from motivational speaker, Dr. Bob Nelson as well as some think-outside-the-box ideas.

In this video: "Have Fun at Work", Dr. Bob Nelson shares ideas on how to make work more fun and exciting. Some of the ideas he shares are for management. He gives examples of three different companies and what they’ve done to keep work exciting for their employees.

  • – once each month, management asks a few employees who play instruments to serenade another employee. This is done on rotation every month so each employee gets a chance to be “celebrated”.
  • – this company in Philadelphia names certain days during the month after employees. For example, they answer the phone, “Thank you for calling Aramark. It’s Bob’s Holiday today.” This then can spark a conversation on what the day means and why this employee is special and being “celebrated”.
  • – has started a “Happiness Committee” with 5 employees (incognito to everyone else) who plan fun ways to brighten the work day for their coworkers at the office.

# 1 Find Your Own Relaxation Technique

Let’s face it. We live in a stressful world. Everyone has bills to pay and most people have busy and stress-filled jobs. Stress is a big factor in zapping the fun right out of your life. One way to keep work exciting and fresh during the daily routine is to learn relaxation techniques. In a WebMD article, Jeannette Moninger shares 10 Tips on how to relax at work. Some of her suggestions are to learn how to be grateful, take a few minutes to meditate during the day and also to listen to music. A few other ideas on how to keep work exciting by learning to relax are:  

  • Take your allotted coffee breaks
  • Don’t work through lunch breaks
  • Stretch or Walk during the day

It is vitally important that we decompress throughout the day and don’t hold in all of the stress. Taking daily permitted breaks and allowing ourselves to relax will help us to appreciate our jobs more and work better—in turn, we’ll start having fun again at work.

# 2 Seek New Challenges for Professional Growth

In her article Professional Development & Personal Growth, T.R. Cotter stated information regarding an MIT news article. "Professional development is critical if employees are to keep growing in their work lives. It is something that a great workplace values and certainly benefits from as these individuals return to the workplace with new experiences and insights." If you can seek out new challenges for professional growth, you will increase your chances of making your workplace experience fun. Some ideas to challenge yourself at work:

  • Maintain self-discipline and a solid work ethic
  • Speak with your manager about new creative projects
  • Volunteer to attend personal development seminars

If we don’t feel challenged at our jobs, the tendency for boredom greatly increases. When people are bored, they tend to get into trouble. For example, surfing the Internet or constantly checking personal emails throughout the day. Seek out new and interesting projects and responsibilities so that you are busy and enjoying the work you’re doing.

# 3 Find Acceptable Ways to Socialize with Coworkers

In Monica Patrick’s article, “Advantages of Socializing in the Workplace”, in the Small Business Chronicle, she shares the following: “Socialising at work benefits the workplace through encouraging teamwork. Small businesses rely on winning groups in the company to bring in big dividends. Allowing these teams to give ‘high-fives,’ exchange handshakes or spend a little time bragging may bolster their team spirit. This type of socialization is infectious.” Such socialising is usually encouraged by the management. Permit yourself to indulge in fully enjoying the camaraderie which comes from teamwork. A few other ideas on how to keep work exciting are:

  • Start a book exchange club with coworkers
  • Have creative team meetings while eating out
  • Time your breaks with other coworkers

Remember that if your work environment is not fun for you, there are some creative ways that you can change the ambiance. Find ways to help yourself relax during the day. Seek out new challenges to keep yourself engaged. When permitted, socialise with others in the office. Work is work; however, all work and no play makes for a dull day.


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