How to Keep Your Business More Mobile

The mobility of business today has dramatically improved. It’s important for your business and your clients to maintain mobility. Business has changed over the last two decades, with more and more business occurring online.

Majority of people have mobile phones and use the Internet to make business connections, reach out for customer support, purchase products, and so much more. Once you create a mobile business, you’re expanding and growing your potential. Your business needs to be wherever your customers are.

Ways to Make Your Business More Mobile

Invest in Company Phones

Not everyone answers their personal phone, which is fair enough. However, investing in company phones means that you’re serious about staying connected. When everyone has access to one another, business can run much more smoothly.

Years ago, lack of technology and being in different locations, slowed down business. Now, this is no longer an issue. Not everyone needs to be on call 24-hours a day, but at least you know you can get in touch with your staff during times of need (especially if they’re doing remote business).


Create an Attractive, Easy-to-Use Website

Many people are now shopping on their couch, in the comfort of their home. This is why businesses need to make sure that their website is up-to-date and functional. First impressions count online, as more and more people are relying on the websites of various businesses.

If you can create high levels of traffic, then you can increase potential clients, customers, and sales. A website not only allows you to connect with potential customers and clients, it allows you to advertise. Start an active blog, attracting readers.

Social media is booming, as more and more users use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many others social media apps. Utilize these social media outlets, creating more traffic to your business. These pages should also be accessible from your website.


Bring Business to Your Customers

Food trucks kicked off mobile business unlike any other. When your business is on wheels, you’re naturally going to be a mobile business. However, many other businesses have started to recognize the benefits of bringing their business outside the office.

Some businesses offer their products and services be brought to others. For example, there are now spas that are offering their treatments and services within the comfort of their customers homes. Other businesses can invest in a van or two to increase sales. For example, pet grooming is a business that allows owners to pack everything they need in the back of a van.


Make Emails Mobile Friendly

Most people turn to their phones to find a business. It’s a resource that fits in our back pocket, as we can access the Internet on the go. If you email customers or clients, ensure that your emails are mobile friendly.

Keep your subject lines short, with approximately 15 characters or less. Make sure it impacts the reader so that they want to read its content. Keep design limited, being conscious of size. For optimal viewing, your content should be between 500 and 600 px wide. This is the best for mobile viewing, especially in terms of graphics.

To be as successful as possible, you need to connect with the public. Creating a more mobile business allows you to do just that. If you already have a solid customer base, start reaching out to others. Ask your current customers to follow you on Twitter and Facebook.


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Make sure your business is accessible on the go. How can potential clients and customers contact you? Do you provide vital information on your website? Do you have the means to expand your business on the road? Think of all the ways that your personal business could be more mobile, then create an action plan. Set goals, developing your business along the way.

Photo credit: BoostOneMobile