How to Keep Yourself Occupied When you are Unemployed

Being unemployed puts an individual at a continuous disadvantage with employers. It is therefore imperative that you spend your unemployed time as wisely as possible in order to enhance your prospects as an employable job seeker.  

Despite the fact that being unemployed is a quality that recruiters frown upon, it has become more acceptable in recent times due to the economic slowdown and recessionary period. Many companies faced redundancy and downsized their staff -resulting in a massive number of professionals being unemployed.

While unemployment has become an acceptable feature on an individual’s CV, it is integral that they make the effort and use this time to improve their position in the saturated job market. Here the 3 things you should be doing if you are unemployed:


Probably the easiest yet most overlooked method of spending your unemployed time, volunteering allows individuals to not only add personality to their CV but it also helps their marketability. Employers want to hire individuals who are passionate about their causes - it demonstrates a person’s ambition and drive towards their work.

Character and integrity have become two very valuable qualities that employers want to see, and volunteering is the perfect way to show this. Whether you volunteer at the local dog shelter or help at a charity shop, your passion will help you become employable.

Enhance your Online Brand

Online branding is the new and innovative way to market yourself. It allows you to demonstrate your expertise in a field and comment on others who have an online presence. You can follow professionals in the industry and invite them to connect with you.

There are countless ways of enhancing your online brand, with the most popular being starting a professional blog and connecting it through social media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest. Put the blog on your CV and viola! You can show the recruiter how well connected and influential you are in your field.

Learn new skills

It is never too late to learn new skills - from improving your typing speed to taking a class on leadership; the opportunities to enhance your employability are limitless. It is advised that job seekers take the time off from work (being unemployed) to improve their weaknesses - ultimately transforming them into strengths.

This will not only prove to be a good explanation for your employment gap, but it will show the employer that you are a proactive candidate who wants to achieve their career goals. Candidates should spend their unemployed time expanding their skill set as this will essentially help them land a job again!