Keeping CVs on HR System for Future Use

Having a record of the CVs received on the company’s HR system is an ideal solution to facilitating the recruitment process in future. This can be done physically, by printing off the relevant CVs and documenting them in folders as per department. Alternatively the entire procedure can be done using a computer, whereby the CVs can be stored by the HR department to enable instant access to them.

You can incorporate professional HR software into your company to maintain and enhance your HR system and facilitate the CV recording procedure. An easy-to-use content management solution will make the entire system far more professional and easy to navigate.

Having effective HR software will facilitate a broad number of operations, such as:

·         CV management 
·         The recruitment process
·         The online recruitment process
·         Payroll
·         Training
·         Company expenses
·         Timesheets

And many more.

Any HR system can be tailored to the company’s needs. Thus if they wish to implement a system that assists them in storing vast numbers of CVs received, this can easily be achieved. Such software can be fully integrated into a company to offer a full solution for HR departments.

Implementing such software will better enable you to keep a professional record of all the CVs that you have ever received (whether physically or electronically). Using the software, these CVs can be stored as per department and in terms of suitability for a position. You can also indicate whether the individual was interviewed, and all correspondence with regards to the individual.

Once a CV has been received, it can be uploaded onto the software. Many professional software systems offer analysis of CVs and cover letters, thus the words that the candidate has used within their application can be assessed and proportioned. 


With the use of such software, as soon as a request for CVs is received from management, the HR department will be able to immediately access their database of CVs that are relevant to the available position.