How to Know If You’re Overlooked at Your Job

If you have been in a job for a long period of time without making any progress, you may feel you are getting unfair treatment. This feeling may make you take the necessary steps to alter the undesirable situation. However, you may be inconspicuous of the fact that you are overlooked at your job. Without this knowledge, you may become complacent instead of striving for better treatment. The following are tips on what you should look out for when you want to know whether you are overlooked at your workplace despite your diligence and dedication.

Stagnant Paycheck

You may be putting in extra hours, as your boss may be having more demands on your time. However, your additional effort may not be reflected on your paycheck. Apart from a few bonuses, you may have spent many years with little or no raise. This stagnation may be a certain sign that you are overlooked and underappreciated. When people are faced with such a situation, they may try to persuade the employer to see that the value they add to the job justifies a raise. Some employees may unwittingly overlook you, and you may help to change their perspective. If this tactic fails, you may consider supplementing the income or quitting and looking for a new job. 

Lack of Promotion

Like your paycheck, your career seems to go nowhere. Old and new employees may be rising faster through the ranks than you are in spite of your ability in performing the greater responsibilities. Your suspicions may be further aroused if the promotions seem to lack merit. To rectify this situation, you may try to display your contribution to the company and indicate your concerns to your managers.

You Miss Performance Awards

Many companies hand awards for employees who perform well in various departments. If your company engages in such an exercise, you may expect to be among the recipients of the prizes. It may be disappointing if you receive few or no awards, and your complaints may be warranted. For all your troubles, you may experience irritability, fatigue and sleep deprivation—signs of stress and burnout. If your manager thinks you are lazy rather than working too hard for the company, it may show that you are unappreciated.

Empty Compliments and Promises

You may be right to think that you’re overlooked at work if your boss keeps complimenting your good work and promises to give you recognition yet nothing happens. The boss may be trying to ease your concerns with words rather than doing actions. If you receive any rewards, you may only get a small fraction of a prize that was entitled.


One of the reasons for huge turnover in some companies is that the management overlooks its most enterprising employees. Without realizing it, you may be one of such employees whose contributions to the company are often overlooked. The tips given here should help you know when you are overlooked so that you may take the necessary measures.

Image Source: Lifehacker