How to Land a Job From Home

You want to leave behind the world of stuffy corporate attire, morning commutes and doing anything that doesn’t allow the wearing of anything but sleepwear for the majority of the day. Well, sonny (or daughtery…see, I know sonny is a little exclusive but maybe it’s just because sonny sounds better) worry not, you can manifest all those dreams with a few simple words: work from home. The problem is that it’s not like there are websites that say “Make Amazing Money Working From Home!” oh wait, there are and you should definitely avoid them considering most of them are scams.

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So, here’s how to land a job from home that is not a scam.

1. Research

working at home

Look, I didn’t say it was going to be easy, of course you have to do some research, how else will you know if a company offers work from home jobs? You’re in luck though because there is a myriad of websites that give you access to job postings, job descriptions and even reviews. Glassdoor not only offers jobs, but also employee reviews and even salaries. Another go-to source for job sourcing is LinkedIn with an added benefit to get your network on right away.

2. Prove Yourself

Working from home obviously requires highly developed communication skills, which you will have to prove from the get go. If you have trouble communicating via electronic forms, such as Skype, email or messaging service, then you might want to reconsider the whole “working in pajamas” thing. So, not only attempt that first contact, but follow up, ask for feedback and pester the hell out of them…prove that you can communicate effectively, clearly and concisely. On second thought, don’t pester them just follow up and ask for feedback.

3. Tools Of The Trade

Carpenters have dozens of different saws (coping, finishing, band), nuclear technicians have nuclear-y tools (I haven’t the faintest idea what nuclear technicians use…sonic screwdrivers? Or light sabers?…let’s stick with light sabers) and working from home means the tools of your trade are an internet connection and communication apps or programs. If you are not well versed in these it might be worth reading up on the latest trends, what is being used the most in the industries and what solutions are available to you when you work from home, while you job search.

4. Home Is Where The Office Is

work from home

Another thing a lot of people forget is that even though you are working from home you need a workspace and although it won’t help you get a job, preparation is half the battle. Having an area where you can seclude yourself from distractions will help you concentrate and increase your productivity. What you thought you could spend most of the day lounging on the couch with a lap-top on your chest while walking back and forth to the refrigerator?  Sorry to burst your bubble, dude.

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Are there other things that can help job seekers find jobs at home? Let us know in the comments section below.




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