How to land a Job on ‘The Wall Street’

Landing a job on Wall Street can be challenging, especially if you don’t have a high profile degree certificate from a prestigious university. According to, getting a Wall Street job can also be frustrating if you don’t have inside connections. However, it doesn’t mean that you don’t have a shot at joining the second biggest financial district on the planet and rising high enough to be part of the exquisite club of Wall Street money magnets.


Weave Connections from Scratch

Wall Street is mainly about numbers and figures, and subjects such as mutual fund management, stock brokerage and investment banking--the foundation of the street’s glamour. Taking a keen interest in these business fields could sharpen your financial market analytical skills and get you on the right footing while increasing your job prospects. You could then seek a job in a bank or a stockbrokerage firm with Wall Street connections to broaden your experience and professional network. Here, you may meet current Wall Street employees in financial symposiums or conferences, who may offer you a chance to get Wall Street connections that may help you land your dream job.

Learn from the Forerunners

You could get a job on Wall Street by studying how the current workers got in. Listen to people who tried and failed to secure jobs there and avoid any mistakes they may have made. Career social sites are good starting points. These sites and support groups consist of current and former Wall Street employees who could tell you what it takes to grab job opportunities at the prestigious financial center. They could, for instance, teach you how to restructure your CV and refine a self-sales-pitch in which you could eloquently talk about your professional strengths, ambitions and achievements in 30 seconds.

Try Humble Beginnings

Chasing a Wall Street job could take years, making it advisable to set off your career at the financial center from humble beginnings. Where you may not have the right academic papers, you could apply for a clerical job and rise to the helm if you’re articulate with numbers. Find out more about real life stories of people who started off as cooks or cleaners and ended up joining the financial district’s top brass. If you’re academically qualified, beginning as an intern isn’t a bad move.

Become a Financial Reporter

Journalists mix with all sorts of people, including Wall Street big wigs. As a journalist with a good grasp of Wall Street operations, you could set up an interview with any of the Wall Street executives; then, you may have a chance to present your set of financial skills, even if you don’t work with the Wall Street Journal. Some have pulled off this stunt by joining local newspapers to afford them a few minutes with Wall Street bosses. Such a move grants you the platform to ask the right questions or give financial opinions that may grab the executive(s)’ attention, giving you a clear shot at establishing a fruitful Wall Street Career.

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