How to Land Your First Call Center Job

Call centers have seen a huge growth over the past 10 years and the outlook for this sector is extremely promising. The rise of the information age has spawned an industry where more opportunities for employment are made available due to the increasing number of businesses that are outsourced to different countries such as India and the Philippines for much cheaper labor costs. Also known as business process outsourcing, this market not only supports the basic customer service sector as the public perceives it to be. It has rapidly expanded into different fields and expertise such as information technology, finance, engineering, medicine and a range of other services.

Although there are considerable employment opportunities in this field, many applicants are still unable to pass the screening tests because they think that any position in this sector would only require a candidate to be good in speaking English or the required language. This is basically not true because not all job openings in this market are the same and you’ll need to have the right skills in order to be qualified for a position.

So how does one get hired in this very dynamic and promising industry? Here are some key points that can help you in landing your first job at a call center:

Identify those positions which require your best skills

It is important for you to know your capabilities before you start giving out your resumes to different companies. If you’re good in marketing and sales then you have better chances in getting hired as a telemarketer. If you have an IT background or you are more interested in troubleshooting hardware or software problems then you are more suited for providing technical support to clients of computer manufacturers, internet service providers and the like. The bottom line here is that you need to prioritize those positions which necessitate your superlative skills.

Practice the primary language that is required

Call centers gained international dominance on the strength of the large population that can effortlessly speak the language requirements. Most companies hire applicants who are fluent in English but there are also other sectors that have a high demand for those who can speak Spanish, Mandarin and other languages that are applicable so make sure to practice the primary language for a better edge.

Prepare a comprehensive resume

In relation to the one mentioned above, it is crucial for you to have the time to prepare your resume including your cover letter. A lot of outsourcing companies actually reject CV’s that are poorly written or simply made for the sake of having a document to submit. Make sure that you highlight your best qualifications including your experiences in order for recruiters to see your strengths and offer you the right career opportunity. Using an eye-catching layout or design may also give you the edge over other applicants. You can take a look at these resume templates for ideas.

Do not apply during the high season

If possible, try to avoid submitting your application when there is a surge of applicants. High seasons are usually those months when students have just graduated from college. Right after graduation, a lot of these hopefuls immediately seek employment particularly in outsourcing companies. It is highly advisable that you sidestep this time of year because the chances are high that your application might get skipped or missed due to the large number of candidates.

Be prepared for different working hours

This specific market usually requires individuals who are very flexible to different working hours so make sure that you are ready for shifting schedules as the varying time of work is very common and it can be physically and psychologically draining.

It is worth mentioning that these are not typical jobs where you can easily get hired just because you can speak a language fluently. That’s simply not the case. No matter where you work, you’ll need to have the right talents and the appropriate skills. If you are a driven person and are able to exceed the targets that are set for you then you can certainly establish a promising career in this industry.


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