Landing a Job: 5 Creative Stunts to Inspire You

I’m pretty proud of my CV. It’s set out in clear sections, it’s based around key buzzwords and most of all it looks clean and professional. A mainstream CV works great for me at the moment, but what if the job you’re applying for demands heaps of creative flair? Or maybe it’s your dream job, not to mention the dream job of hundreds of others? Then you need a way to stand out from the sea of hopefuls snapping at your heels, right? Well, here’s what some ballsy creative-types did to get themselves noticed:

  1. Adam Pacitti and his Billboard Application

After graduating with a first-class degree, like many others Adam came to the stark realisation that finding a job would be very difficult. He spent some time doing temp work and sent out a wapping 250 applications with no success, before having a brilliant idea that would get him sixty job offers. He put his face on a billboard which read: 'I spent my last £500 on this billboard. Please give me a job.' It’s no surprise that he now works as a viral producer for a digital company – this guy knows how to grab people’s attention!

  1. Akos Papp and Laszlo Szloboda, ‘The Toilet Book’

Advertising duo Akos Papp and Laszlo Szloboda were itching to get their portfolio into the hands of the top creative directors in New York City, who receive tonnes of books from creatives on a daily basis. These busy executives do, however, have a few private minutes each day to mull things over – that’s right, when they’re on the loo! Papp and Szloboda proceeded to sneakily tape their mini portfolio, ‘The Toilet Book’, onto the bathroom walls of the best agencies in the city for directors to browse while they’re doing number two.

  1. Alec Brownstein and the Google Job Experiment

Brownstein, a 28 year-old copywriter, noticed that when he googled the creative directors who he idolised, there were no sponsored links attached to their names. He thus bought Google ads in a campaign that cost a mere $6, which read ‘Hey, (creative director). Gooogling yourself is a lot of fun. Hiring me is fun, too’ and provided a link to his website. Brownstein got interviews with four out of the five directors included in his courageous scheme and more importantly, job offers from two. He now works as a senior copywriter at Y&R, New York – job done!

  1. Victor Petit and the Talking Resume

Victor Petit was hoping to get a job at a communication agency, but he found that the toughest hurdle was getting to the interview stage. In a way then, he bypassed this stage and created a resume which would allow him to talk directly to potential employers. One side of his resume consisted of a full-page photo of himself, a QR code placed in the position of his mouth. Scanning this code on a smartphone connected the viewer to a Youtube video of Petit talking, thus creating the magnificent illusion of the talking resume.

  1. Andrew Horner and the Reverse Job Application

Another recent graduate undertaking a fruitless job search decided to give up on a life of grovelling, frustration and ultimately being turned down at every corner. So, he created a site which told his story, displayed his best qualities and very cheekily outlined what his future employer must possess to be allowed to hire him. Potential employers were then able to fill in a form to apply for him. This method seems a little arrogant but it worked!

What these applicants have in common is a go-getting attitude. So, even if you can’t come up with a bright idea like these creative moguls, take one tip from them and go the extra mile to make your dream job happen.