Learn How to Build Creative Confidence

Many people are afraid to try out new ideas feeling that they will get judged on the final outcome. This mindset is damaging and does not allow their creative juice to flow.

David Kelley has been studying this kind of fear of judgment. For example, when people don’t do things because they are afraid they are going to be criticised. Kelley had a major breakthrough when he met psychologist Albert Bandura who according to Wikipedia is the fourth most important psychologist in history. Bandura helped people conquer snake phobias through a series of steps that involved watching the snake through a two-way mirror, then observing it through an open door, then watching someone else touching the snake and finally touching it themselves using a glove. Interestingly, the people who had their fears cured, also ended up having less anxiety caused by other things in their lives.      

In this video, David Kelley presents some of the world’s most prominent examples of people who have overcome their fears, rediscovered their creative confidence and made a positive difference in their lives. Watch this TEDx talk to find out the best ways to transcend the fears that block your creativity.





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