How to Learn Java for Free

So you want to learn Java, huh? Considering Java is one of the most versatile, robust, and widely adopted languages in the programming industry, it’s a brilliant move to enhance your brain and career. Learning Java can be simple, fun, and free—we’ll show you how.

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1. Find Your Motivation

Before digging into the syntax, find your motivation first. Inspiration drives creativity and continuation, both of which lead to a successful career, which is likely why you’re here. Furthermore, any experienced programmer will tell you coding doesn’t always “just flow”. Through your coding endeavor, expect to stumble, fumble, and grumble—and remembering your learning motivation during those times will help push you forward.

Here are some compelling Java facts [302 from] for your inspiration:

Did you know…

  • 3 billion mobile phones use Java
  • 125 million TV devices use Java
  • Java is the #1 choice for developers
  • Java was ranked #1 among all programming languages in June 2015
  • There are roughly 9 million Java developers worldwide

And once you join those millions, you are likely to gain access to….

  • Big opportunities to work with giant Java-based websites including,, and
  • High-paying Java developer jobs with median salaries above $80,000.

Need we list more? Let’s start learning!

2. Crack the Codes in a Nutshell with Free Online Tutorials

Java has an army of global supporters who love and use it for its “write once run anywhere” ability. The overly abundant online tutorials are obviously their method of recruitment with the hope of eventual software domination...

OK, maybe that storyline is a bit exaggerated, but plenty of developers have indeed created outstanding free Java resources to make your learning process as interactive, engaging, and intuitive as possible. Here are the top 3 most unique:

Oracle’s “New To Java” Crash Course

Oracle is the leading Java development platform (they own the language)―you probably have a Java platform licensed under them. They’ve dedicated one of their documentation sections to new Java developers with a straightforward learning program:

  1. Covering the basics—the section covers syntax to classes, APIs, deployment, and more; they’ve even included a preparation course for those wishing to obtain a Java programmer certificate.
  2. Creating Graphical User Interfaces—they believe in you, and your ability to create GUIs once you’re done with covering those basics.
  3. Zooming into specialized applications—from networking to database access, security, sound, graphics, and other practical protocols, Oracle’s Java tutorial is conducive to new developers trying find an eventual application niche.

It’s Game On With Robocode

Love gaming? Try Robocode—a game designed to help people learn Java through coding their own robot to team up against competitors in real-time action. Through their innovative learning platform, new Java programmers will feel that extra game-on surge to enhance their knowledge and coding skills, to make the ultimate “robotic component.”

Hands down―Robocode is by far one of the most creative Java tutorials offered to the public; as IBM developers put it: “Learning Java programming is more fun than ever with Robocode.

Princeton U.’s “Introduction to Programming In Java

What better way to boost your Java learning experience than learning with the best? The prestige of Princeton University alone is enough to keep your coding head up. Their online Java tutorial is basically the free HTML version of one of Princeton’s first-semester programming textbooks, so in a way, completing this tutorial is like passing a virtual Princeton University “Intro to Java programming” web course—which may be worth glorifying on your resume.

The site takes coders through four essential chapters:

  1. Basic elements of programming introducing variables, statements, data types, loops, I/O, arrays, and more
  2. Java functions to assist beginners practice clean coding conducive to debugging, maintenance, and code “recycling”
  3. Object-oriented programming to teach people how to create and utilize new data types through practical programs including but not limited to:
  • converting color to grayscale
  • finding genes in genomes
  • screen scraping for stock quotes
  • similarity detection
  • Algorithms and data structures introducing powerful back-end mechanisms such as sorting and searching, stacks and queues, symbol tables, and small world phenomenons
  • Princeton definitely deserves credit for providing a means for new Java students to become “the next generation of scientists and engineers.”

    3. Further Your Knowledge On The Job

    Learning on the job is inarguably the best way to speed up your Java programming skills. You’ll have co-workers, managers, and clients to drive you to your Java edge, in the most fruitful way. As a beginning Java programmer, you may question your qualifications. But the truth is having the basic syntax down with a few application examples under your belt actually makes you a strong candidate for many entry-level Java programming positions, such as a software consultant, for example.

    Consulting for Java-based softwares is a great way to get your foot in the door with less experience required; consulting firms are more willing to train technical employees on-the-job as long as you have basic programming knowledge. But, of course, once you land the job, learning immediately turns into applying with little room for delay, and this is where reputable free tech forums become valuable gold mines. They are overrun with old-timer developers who are more than eager to share their boundless Java wisdom, and the exact solution you need.

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    CV Writing Services

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    Learning Java will help enhance your career and open opportunities to work on the most revolutionary technological platforms. Plentiful online resources are offered for free to get any interested developers started. When your programming solutions turn into leading innovations with headlines covering your latest, giving Career Addict a shout out would be Java-tastic.

    Have you used any of the resources mentioned above? Did you find them useful? Can you suggest any others?




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