How to Learn Ruby for Free


If you want to become a rockstar programmer and more importantly web developer, you have to learn Ruby. The dynamic, object-oriented programming language is one of the most enjoyable, and due to the popularity of it’s Web FrameWork, Ruby on Rails, it has become extremely popular.

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But, like all programming languages, Ruby can be a tough one to master! It’s one of the more complex languages, with many unique features not found in other languages. If you want to become a Ruby Master, here is where you can learn Ruby for free. Most of them focus on Rails, but that is where the money is:

1. Code Academy

For those who want to learn the fundamentals of Ruby, Code Academy is the place to start! You will learn the basics of web design, the foundations for developing with Ruby, and even learn how to build basic applications using Ruby on Rails. You’ll love the interactive code materials, which can offer countless hours of exploration of all that Ruby can do!

2. Rails Girls

For women, Rails Girls is the place to find advice, guidance, and help from other female programmers like you! The site has A LOT of resources on using Ruby, including how-to guides, basic tutorials, and, of course, plenty of places to ask questions and get answers on everything from basics to the most advanced Ruby uses.

3. Code School

Code School uses 80’s arcade and zombie-themed courses to help you learn Ruby, but in a way you’ll actually enjoy. You can learn the basics of Ruby and Ruby on Rails, and you’ll love the interactive challenges. Code School is all about edu-tainment.

4. Ruby Monk

If you like to learn by reading, you’ll love the Ruby Monk course offered by C42 Engineering. This set of e-books is fully interactive, guiding you on your "path to Ruby enlightenment". Each book teaches you basic skills, presents a challenge, and walks you through the steps to solving the problems. It’s an entertaining way to learn very valuable skills.

5. Code Learn

Code Learn’s walkthrough for Ruby is fully-interactive, ideal for those who learn via reading rather than watching videos. The text-based course has a split interface that offers users a real-life look at coding. It’s a good way to get started with Ruby and Ruby on Rails, and you’ll learn how to use the coding language before you start messing around with any important root folders!

6. Mislav Marohnic

If you want to learn in a fun way, you’ll love Why’s Poignant Guide to Ruby by Mislav Marohnic. It’s a strange course at the onset, but it’s a very enjoyable way to learn the language. You’ll find that the beginner-level course is an ideal starting point, and it’s filled with humor that will make it much more entertaining to learn coding with Ruby. A lot of the Ruby "inside jokes" among the programmer community stem from this book!

Ruby is one of the more complex of the programming languages, but any web developer worth their salt MUST master at least the basics. However, thanks to the resources above, you can begin your education in Ruby without spending a cent.

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Are there any other Ruby educational resources you’d recommend? Leave us a comment below and let us know…





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